9 Different Uses of Pineapple Juice for Skin, Hair and Health

The word “ pineapple” describes the reproductive organs of a conifer tree. Europeans explorers later transformed the word into pineapple. It is a tropical fruit with multiple edible berries. The Pineapples belong to the family “Bromeliaceae “and genus “ Ananas “.

Pineapple juice are very effective for your skin and health. They are important in their family. Pineapples are native to southern America. They were introduced to Spain by Christopher Columbus in 1493.  Costa Rica is the largest producer of pineapples followed by-

  • Brazil
  • Philippines
  • India

Pineapples are juicy and fibrous. It is both sweet and sour in taste. You can consume pineapples raw. They can also be cooked or juiced. They are also as cake toppings. Pineapple fiber is used for furnishing.

Pineapple Tree

Pineapple Tree

Pineapples are perennial. They grow up to the height of 1–1.5 m in height. They have tough and waxy leaves. During flowering they produce more than 200 flowers. After some time those flowers join together to form a single unit. The pineapple tree bears fruit from March to June.

After ripening the fruit turns yellow, orange – yellow. The fruit measures up to 12 inches in length.After the harvest of pineapples they stop ripening. You must eat pineapple after two days of cutting it. Pineapples are short lived. You can refrigerate them for further use.

Nutritional Value of Pineapples

100 grams of pineapple contains 47.8 mg of Vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts immunity and promotes the production of collagen. Collagen provides strength and framework to the body. It contains 86 g of water. Water hydrates the skin, making it smooth and supple. 13 mg of calcium and 8 mg of phosphorus is also present.

Calcium is the main constituent of bones and teeth. It is a considerable source of choline, folate, and Niacin. Pineapple contains 9.85 g of sugar.

Pineapple Health Benefits and Side Effects

Pineapple Tree

Pineapple contains vitamin, copper, calcium, insoluble fiber. It also contains Beta carotene a type of vitamin A. Pineapple has several health benefits. It is proven to reduce arthritics. Boost immunity as it is a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C prevents cancer.

They are rich in fiber and help in digestion. Pineapple is beneficial for heart. Over consumption of pineapples must be avoided. It can be harmful for diabetics. Pineapple juice can cause mouth ulcers.

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Pineapple Juice for Bones

Pineapple contains 13 mg of calcium per 100 g. Calcium is main constituent of bones and teeth. It also contains manganese. It helps in increasing the bone density of the spine. Manganese also has anti oxidant properties. It keeps a check on free radicals. Manganese can help you to control your blood sugar levels. It boosts the absorption of vitamins like B and E.

Pineapple Benefits for Eyes

Pineapple Benefits for Eyes

Pineapples contain 58 IU of Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to boost immunity. It helps in the moisturizing mucous membrane. It also helps in improving vision. Vitamin A reduces the chances of dry eye. It cuts down the risk of macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is damage of inner layer of retina, that connects optic nerves to brain. Macular degeneration leads to lose of vision. According to a study three servings of beta carotene can decrease the risk of macular degeneration.

Pineapple for Glowing Skin

Pineapple is a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen. Collagen is a structural protein. It provides structure to the body. Vitamin C is also an anti oxidant that helps in boosting immunity. Pineapple contains Bromelain. Bromelain enzymes helps to treat acne. Pineapple also hydrates the skin. You can rub pineapple on your skin to reduce skin blemishes.

You can make a pineapple pack for your skin. Just grind three  pieces of pineapple and four pieces of papaya. Apply this pack on your face. Wash after 20 minutes. This pack will moisturize your skin. Pineapple also helps removing the dry skin.

Pineapple Boosts Immune System

Pineapple Boosts Immune System

Pineapple contains 47.8 mg of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an powerful anti oxidant. It boosts the immune system. Vitamin C helps to fight free radicals. Pineapple contains an enzyme Bromelain. It can help to prevent cancer.

According to the journal Anti Cancer Drugs, bromelain fights against the malignant cells. Bromelain has anti -inflammatory properties. It is also a good pain killer. It also provides relief from respiratory diseases like asthma . It is proven to decrease the allergic sensitivity.

Pineapple for Digestion

A pineapple contains 1.4 g of fiber. Fiber helps in smooth digestion. It also controls your calorie intake. It slows down the digestion process and increases the nutrient absorption. It also helps in combating constipation. Pineapple also contains bromelain. Bromelain helps in digestion of the protein.It can also help in balancing the acidity in the stomach and alkalinity to small intestine.

It can also reduce the chances of heat burn. Pineapple for losing weight. Pineapple can be a good option if you want to loose weight due to it’s fibre content and enzyme bromelain. Pineapple is low in calories and provides you necessary nutrients that your body requires. Try not to consume pineapple juice if you are a diabetic. It can increase your blood sugar levels instantly.

Pineapple Reduces High Blood Pressure

Pineapple Reduces High Blood Pressure

Pineapple contains potassium and magnesium. 100 Grams of pineapple contains 12mg of magnesium and 109 mg of potassium. Potassium and magnesium are electrolytes.They help in balancing fluids in the body. Potassium helps to counter attack sodium.

It also relaxes the blood vessels. Magnesium helps to regulate the blood pressure ,blood sugar and nerve function. It is also necessary bone development. An adult daily needs 4.7 g of potassium and 420mg of magnesium daily.

Benefits of Eating Pineapple for a Woman

Pineapple juice benefits helps in relieving menstrual pain. Pineapples contain potassium . Potassium helps in treating muscle soreness. Folic acid helps in synthesis and repair of nerve cells. Folic helps to lower down the risks of fetus deformities. Boremelain helps to lower down inflammation. Pineapple for morning sickness. Morning sickness affects pregnant women. Vomiting and nausea are symptoms of morning sickness.

It usually occurs during the first trimester. Pineapple contains vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps in reliving nausea. Vitamin B6 helps in metabolizing macronutrients. It also ensures good development of fetus brain. It helps fetus to maintain healthy weight. Pregnant women must have 1.9 mg of vitamin B6 daily.

The vitamin has no side effect for the growing fetus. Vitamin B1 in pineapples helps to withstand stress. It also helps in processing fats and proteins. Pineapple also helps in inducing labor. Bromelain softens the cervix and helps in delivery.

Pineapple Benefits for Oral Health

Pineapple Benefits for Oral Health

Pineapple contains 47.8 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps strengthens the gums.It also helps in prevention of plaque formation. It also contains 13 mg of calcium. Calcium is the major constituent of bones and teeth. Calcium helps in the formation and maintenance of teeth and bones. Pineapple also contains 8mg of phosphorus.

Phosphorus helps in the body detoxification. Phosphorus also helps in building the tooth enamel. It can also help to maintain good cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits of Eating Pineapple in the Morning

You can include pineapple in your breakfast. Pineapple contains bromelain. Bromelain helps in flushing out toxins from the body. It cleanses the small intestine. Pineapple decreases swelling. Yes, bromelain an enzyme present in pineapple contains anti inflammatory properties.

Bromelain helps in the digestion of proteins. Protein helps in building blocks of the body (ligaments, bones, nails , blood and cartilage) It also helps in repairing tissues. Pineapple juice helps you to boost immunity early morning.

Pineapple Side Effects

Pineapple Side Effects

Over consumption of pineapple must be avoided. Diabetics must not drink pineapple juice. Try to consume pineapple in the original form. Pineapple contains natural sugar, which can cause rise in blood sugar levels. Excess of pineapple consumption can cause throat infections.

It is also believed to cause miscarriage in pregnant women. You must consult your doctor, before having pineapple. Diabetics and pregnant women must be extra careful.

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