Pear Juice: 8 Different Uses of Pear For Skin and Health

Why are Pears Good For You?

Pear belongs to the family “Rosaceae” and genus “ Pyrus”. It is grown in coastal and temperate regions and cultivated in autumn and summer. There are around 3000 known varieties of Pears. Pears originated in Western China. It various varieties are cultivated in Europe. Pears are usually propagated by the method of grafting. It has been our part of diet since thousands of years. They are known for their delicious flavor. Pear is fifth most produced fruit in the world. It is a close cousin to apple. Spanish missionaries carried the fruit to Mexico and California. Pear Juice is beneficial for health, skin and Hair.

China is the largest producer of pear followed by-

  • Argentina
  • USA
  • Italy
  • Turkey

Nutritional Value of Pear

Nutritional Value of Pear

Pears are known for their flavor. They are known for medical benefits they provide. 100 grams of pear contains 84g of water. It provides 239kJ of energy. Pear contains 9.75g of sugars.

It also contains 9mg of calcium, 7mg of magnesium, 116 mg of potassium. Pear contains 3.1 grams of dietary fiber. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K.

Pear Fruit Benefits

Pear juice offer several health benefits. Vitamin C helps in boosting the immune system.It also helps in fighting free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for early signs of aging and diseases like cancer. Fiber pectin offers benefits for skin, hair, digestion and heart.

Anti oxidants in Pears helps in reducing the chances of cancer. It helps to keep the cardiovascular diseases at bay. Vitamin K prevents calcification of the arteries. Pears contain anti inflammatory properties.

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Pears for Hair Health

Pears for Hair Health

Pears contain sugar alcohol sorbitol and glucitol. Sorbitol prevents moisture loss. It helps in preventing water loss by osmosis due to air. It helps to hydrate scalp. Sorbitol is frequently used in gels. Glucitol is less known version of sorbitol. Sorbitol is used in cosmetics and personal care products.

You can also prepare a Pear mask for your hair. Mix one ripe pear, 2 tablespoons of apple cider and water. This pack can help restoring your lost shine of your hair.

Pear can also help you in maintaining your hair color. Simply smash a ripe pear and add soya bean oil to it. Apply this paste on your hair.

Pears for Skin Health

Pears for Skin Health

Pears contain vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity. It also decreases free radicals. Free radicals are responsible early signs of aging and deadly diseases like cancer.

Pears have high water content. Water helps to flush the toxins out of the body, giving you soft and supple skin. Pears also contains fiber. Fiber helps in slowing down the release of sugar in the blood.

Repeated sugar level spike in the blood , can cause damage to the collagen. Pears also helps to treat oily skin. Smash a Pear, mix fresh cream and honey. Apply this pack thrice a week to reduce the over secretion of oil glands.

Pears can moisturize the skin well as they contain natural humectants, which helps in skin retaining it’s natural moisture. It can also be used a natural scrub. It helps to get rid of dead skin. Try to include Pears in your daily skin care regime.

Pears Good for Digestion

Pears Good for Digestion

100 g of Pears contain 3.1 grams of fiber. Fiber helps to control your calories intake. It aids in good bowel movement. It is a natural remedy for constipation.

Pears contain water soluble fiber Pectin. Pectin helps to absorb cholesterol, thus preventing it’s release in the blood stream. It also helps to maintain a good bowel movement.

Are Pears benefits for weight loss, Yes, pears can be included in your diet if you are planning to loose weight. Pears contain pectin. Pectin helps you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. Thus, controlling your calorie intake. Pears have low glycemic index.

Low glycemic index results in slower carbohydrate absorption in the blood stream. You can have a pear at night. They have less calories and more fiber. Pears cause diarrhea. No, Pears don’t cause diarrhea. You must avoid over consumption of Pears. Diabetics must take special care.

Pears Good for Heart

Pears Good for Heart

Yes, pears is good for heart. Pears are rich in water soluble fiber called pectin. Pectin binds with cholesterol and sugar during the process of digestion. It prevents the release of cholesterol in the blood stream. Hence preventing from rise in cholesterol levels. Pears are low in calories.

Pears can be a part of your daily diet if you want to manage weight. Pears too contain Vitamin C, which helps in boosting the immune system. Vitamin K is also present in pears . Vitamin K lowers down the risk of developing blood clots.

Vitamin K prevents the calcification of the arteries. Calcification of arteries can lead to heart attacks. It also prevents the hardening of arteries. Pears also contain potassium.

Potassium helps in regulating the levels of sodium in the blood stream. The American Heart Association recommends 4-5 servings of fruit daily.

Pears for Wound Healing

Pears for Wound Healing

Yes, Pears juice help in wound healing. Vitamin C in pears helps to fight free radicals on the site of injury. It also helps in the formation of collagen.It also helps in absorption of iron.

Iron ensures good oxygen supply to the area of wound. Iron is  of the main constituent of hemoglobin. Iron promises you a speedy recovery. Vitamin K also plays an important role in wound healing.

It helps in the of blood clot. It prevents excess loss of blood from the body. Pear juice good for inflammation. Skin of pears contain phytonutrients. Phytonutrients contain anti inflammatory flavonoids. Pears help to decrease inflammation.

Pears Benefits for Immune System

Pears Benefits for Immune System

Pears too contain Vitamin C .Vitamin C is immune booster. Pears contain anti oxidants. Anti oxidants builds up the defense system f the body. Thus preventing it from diseases. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Pears contains Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity.

Pear skin contains phytonutrients including polyphenols, phenolic acid and flavonoids. Pears contain copper. Copper helps in fighting free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for deadly diseases like cancer.

Pear Juice Good for Bones

100 grams of pears contain 9mg of calcium. Calcium is the building block of bones. Pears also contains potassium and magnesium. Magnesium keeps bones healthy. Potassium helps in increasing the bone density.

According to study potassium can help to lower down the risk of osteoporosis. Pears also contain Boron helps increases bone mineral density. It also helps in preventing arthritics.

Benefits of Eating Pears During Pregnancy

Benefits of Eating Pears During Pregnancy

Pear juice contain vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in boosting immunity. It also contains folic acid. Folic acid helps in preventing neural tube defects. Pears to helps to minimize swelling. They contain Cobalt, which aids in the absorption of iron.

It helps kidneys in flushing out the excess water and reducing the swelling. You can have up to three pears during your pregnancy.

Try to avoid Pears empty stomach. Include it between your meals. Can pears cause diarrhea in babies, There is no such evidence that Pears causes diarrhea in babies. Pears contains fiber. Fiber helps in good bowel movement. Consult a pediatric before making any changes in the diet of baby.

Eating Pears Good for Diabetes

Eating Pears Good for Diabetes

Pears are low glycemic index. Low glycemic foods help in reducing calories consumption. It also helps in balancing your blood sugar levels. Pear juice benefits help to fight obesity.

Pectin binds to cholesterol and sugar preventing it’s release in blood. You must try to avoid Pear juice as it can cause sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Over consumption of pears must be avoided.

How to Eat Pears

You must wash Pears properly before eating it. Pears must be soft to touch. Over ripe Pears must be avoided. If you want to store Pears simply place them in refrigerator.

Avoid washing pears if you want to store them for further use. You must select Pears on the basis of their aroma.

You can include Pears into your salads. Pears smoothie is also a good option for the breakfast. To prevent the oxidation of Pears you must sprinkle lemon juice on them after slicing.

Pear Side Effects

How to Eat Pears

Over consumption of Pears must be avoided. Diabetics must take special care before consuming Pear juice. Avoid having pears empty stomach. It can cause acidity. Consult doctor before making any changes to your diet. Try to buy organic Pears as pesticides and insecticides can be detrimental to health.

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