Lady Finger Benefits and Side Effects – Okra Benefits

Health benefits and Side effects of Lady-finger – Okra Vegetable

Okra vegetable, also known as lady finger or gumbo is a green vegetable. It is grown in tropical and sub tropical regions.

Lady finger  belongs to the Malvaceae family. Lady finger is a rich source of  Vitamin-C, Magnesium, Vitamin A and a soluble fiber called pectin.

In this article, we will discuss various advantages and disadvantages of having lady finger.

Okra Health Benefits and Side Effects

Lady finger / Okra For Diabetes

Lady finger can help to keep diabetes under control. Diabetes is an excess amount of sugar level in the blood.  People who have very high diabetes level usually take insulin to keep it under control.

However, lady finger  can help you to keep your sugar levels under control.. Soluble fibers keep kidney healthy and help in digestion of carbohydrate, Okra is rich in soluble fibers and hence lowers sugar level in blood. The fiber absorbs the excess sugar from the blood.

Cut both the ends of the okra and make a slit in between. Soak it in the water overnight and drink the water in the morning on empty stomach.

Drink okra water for 2 weeks continuously and check sugar level, you will surely get a positive result. This is one of the key benefits of okra water.

Okra Helps in Digestion/Lady Finger For Digestion

Lady-finger being rich in fiber helps in the process of digestion. Lady finger detoxifies the digestive organs and help them function better. It lubricates the digestive organs ensuring a smooth bowel movement.

Ladyfinger For Weight Loss/Okra For Weight Loss

Another health benefit of okra for weight loss. Okra has low calorie content and is a good source of  fibre.Fibre helps you to fill your stomach faster and creates a sense of satisfaction for longer .This helps  you to weight loss.

So if you really think that you are putting on weight and you need to cut down somewhere, you can just make okra a part of your diet and keep yourself slim and fit.

Okra For Cardiovascular Disease/Lady Finger For Cardiovascular Diseases

Lady Finger For Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases means heart diseases. Okra is a good source of vitamin K .Vitamin K helps in elimination of cholesterol and clots. It keeps your cholesterol’s level under control and prevents cardiovascular disease.

Okra For Constipation/Lady Finger For Constipation

Constipation is irregularity of bowel movement. Pectin keeps the intestine healthy. It lubricates large intestines and it ensures smooth removal of faeces.. Okra too helps to mantain a good ph level in your intestines.It increases your appetite too.

Hence lady finger can help you to get rid of constipation.

Okra benefits Skin/Lady Finger For Skin

Lady-finger good for skin,  lady finger detoxifies the skin and prevents breakouts. It also reduces pigmentation and prevents skin problems such as psoriasis. Vitamin C helps you to maintain flawless skin. The nutrients present in okra helps in skin replenishment.

Boil two chopped okra in two glasses of water for 10 to 15 minutes. Let it cool for 15 minutes.

Take the okra and make a paste of it. Apply it to your face and neck.

Wash your face after 15 minutes. Repeat this for a week to get brighter and healthier skin.

Okra Benefits for Eyes/Lady Finger Benefits For Eyes

Lady finger contains beta-carotene and lutein which have anti-oxidant properties. This helps to prevent eye problems like cataract and glaucoma.

Being a green vegetable it helps to keep retina healthy and functional. It prevents fluctuation of eye power.

Lady-finger For Ulcer/Okra Benefits For Ulcer

Okra Benefits For Ulcer

Ladies’ finger has a sticky content that provides a temporary coating to the digestive tract and stomach lining and hence prevents and heals stomach and peptic ulcers.

Okra Water For Asthma/Lady Finger For Asthama

Being rich in vitamin C it helps to eradicate respiratory or breathing problems also called asthma. It has been proved that vitamin C if taken in very little quantity, reduces cough and wheezing in children.

Drinking the okra water after soaking it in water over the night can help reduce asthma problems.

Okra Benefits Hair/Lady Finger For Hair

Lady finger is natural conditioner. It moisturises the scalp. It helps you to keep the dandruff at bay. You can apply okra mixture to your hair to make them bouncy.

If you are prone to dandruff or lice, apply okra to your scalp to get rid of these and have a healthy scalp and shiny hair.

Okra Prevents Kidney Disease/Lady Finger For Kidney Diseases

A study proved that people eating okra regularly can prevent kidney damage as it is very helpful for keeping kidneys healthy. This can be considered as one of the benefits of eating okra every day.

Okra For Pregnancy/Lady Finger For Pregnancy

Lady finger benefits not only helps in conceiving but also helps in facilitating the proper brain development of the baby.

It contains high folate content which is beneficial for fetal development. It also prevents any defects in the fetal neural tube. Having okra also reduces the chances of miscarriage.

Lady-finger For Cancer/Okra Benefits For Cancer

Okra Benefits For Cancer

Okra contains anticancer compounds. It is very helpful to prevent colorectal cancer as it fights free radiation in the body, hence preventing cancer.

Okra for Immune System/Lady Finger For Immune System

As Ladies finger contains a high level of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron which improves the immunity system and prevent several diseases.

Okra For Lowering High Blood Pressure/Lady Finger For Blood Pressure

Ladies’ finger helps to keep blood pressure in control and lowers high blood pressure. Having okra water in the morning can give the best results for this.

Okra Benefits For Men/Lady Finger For Men

Various experiments have shown that okra can help increase sexual drive in men. Having the appropriate amount of cooked or raw okra can help to increase the level of testosterone and improve sexual performance in men.

These were a few lady finger benefits. Now let us see if ladies’ finger have any side effects, after knowing all the benefits you might ask what can ladies’ finger disadvantages be or what are the disadvantages of eating ladyfinger.

Eating okra is not harmful to the body, however, excess consumption can be harmful. It is said that having too much of okra can increase the testes size and weight. Hence it is advisable for men to have less amount of okra in their diet. Over consumption of okra can cause acidity.

Since lady’s finger has more of benefits, it is evident that one must not cut it down completely from their diet. And to include it in the diet it is important to know how to cook lady’s finger.

Okra can be simply chopped into pieces and fried with oil and salt to taste. You can also make okra in various other ways such as Bhindi masala.

How to make Bhindi Masala/ How to Cook Lady Finger

How to make Bhindi Masala


Half pound okra, 1 and half tablespoon of oil, half teaspoon cumin seed, pinch of Hing, 1 and half tablespoon of coriander powder, half teaspoon of turmeric, half teaspoon chili powder, half teaspoon salt, pepper and mango powder, 1 tablespoon of gram flour and 1 inch of red and yellow pepper finely chopped.


Cut the ends of the okra and cut it into slices. Add oil to the pan and after it’s hot add cumin seeds and Hing. Then add the okra and allow it to fry till it changes its color slightly.

Add coriander powder, turmeric, red chili powder and after two minutes add the salt and mango powder. Add gram flour and the red and yellow bell pepper. Stir it for some more time. Serve it with any Indian bread and enjoy.

Note- Before cooking make sure the okras are completely dried, if not the dish might become
extremely slimy.

How to make Okra Juice?

 Okra Juice

Cut 2 to 3 Okra into small pieces, add 2-3 slices of ginger, add some lemon juice, few pieces of cucumber, 1 tablespoon of honey and add water. Blend it into a juice. Serve with ice cubes and enjoy the healthy drink that will give you all the benefits of okra.

Now that you know the benefits of okra water and the way to cook it, what are you waiting for? Grab those green veggies and be healthy.

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