How to remove Dark Circles – Top 5 remedies


Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles are very common in men and women. In today’s era, dark circles are a major problem that is almost faced by three-fourth of the population. The area under our eyes is so thin so that the blood vessels appear so easily. The blood vessels under the eyes are blue in colour that’s why dark circles appear black or bluish in the colour. In other words, dark circles are nothing, it is just hyperpigmentation under the eye as compared to the facial skin. Although dark circles can’t be cured permanently, they can get vanish by some methods.


Causes Of Dark circles

There are a lot of factors that cause dark circles. Some of them include:-

Genetics –

Sometimes dark circles are not caused due to environmental factors. In some cases, the dark circles are transferred through genes. It can be transferred from mother, father and grandparents also. Dark circles can also be hereditary.

Nutrition deficiency –

Dark circles may appear due to nutrients deficiency such as iron, vitamins. Certain food also causes allergic reactions that lead to hyperpigmentation under the eye. Iron deficiency hampered the supply of oxygen to body tissue. As a result, the skin becomes dull.

Lack of sleep –

Improper sleep or lack of sleep makes your facial skin or the skin under the eyelids dull and pale allowing the blood vessels under the skin to show. Due to improper or excessive sleep, the eyelids becomes puffy and allowing the dark circles to become visible.

Ageing –

Ageing is also one of the major cause of dark circles. As you get old the tissue around the eyes become weakens and dark circles get worsen with old age.

Alcohol consumption –

Enough intake of tea, coffee and alcohol also leads to darkening the area under the eye. After consumption of alcohol, u may fall asleep but it might disturb the normal sleep routine and you started feeling restless and it will automatically lead to dark circles,

Sticking on phones –

Sticking on mobile phones, laptops, ipads, television for more than 3 to 4 hours causes strain in the eyes. If the strain continues for more than one week, it causes dark circles.

Rubbing –

After a lot of rubbing the eyes, you may feel relaxed but it will affect ur eyes. Rubbing causes blood vessels to break and blood leaks, the blood pools under the skin and makes dark circles.


How to get rid of dark circles?


Washing the eyes –

Washing the eyes 2 or 3 times with icy cold water will reduce the dark circles. The cold water reduces the venous involvement and thus pigmentation can get reduced. Dark circles become less visible.

Cucumber –

Cucumber has skin lightening and astringent properties. It also contains 90% water, it keeps the eyes hydrated and moisturized. Cut the thin slices of cucumber and refrigerate it then place it on the eyes for 15 to 30 mins twice a day.

Lemon juice –

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C. It has some bleaching properties too. Take fresh lemon juice, dip the cotton balls in it. Put balls on the eyes for 10 to 15 min. After that wash it with cold water.

Curd –

Mix one tablespoon of curd with turmeric powder. Tumeric has some inflammatory properties which reduce dark circles. Turmeric mixed with curd is very beneficial. Apply it to the eyes twice a day.

Aloe vera gel-

Aloe vera is just like magic. It can cure all skin problems. It can be used with potato juice, lemon juice, vitamin E, honey, glycerine etc. Aloe vera has a good capability to whiten the skin.

Rosewater –

Rosewater has skin lightening and brightening qualities. It will also rejuvenate the skin. It is a great way to cure dark circles. Dip cotton balls in the rose water and put them under the eyes gently after 15 min wash them with cold water. It can be done twice a day. It can also soften the puffy area under the eye.