Honey Benefits and Side Effects – Uses of Honey

Health Benefits And Side Effect – Benefits of Eating Raw Honey

Honey is the nectar produced by a sweet liquid bees, which they collect through the flowers with a complex process of uptake and evaporation. Honey benefits is composed of glucose, fructose and minerals like iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium. It is also rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6.

Due to the presence of powerful antiseptic (antibiotic), antibiotic and medical properties, honey is used as a medicine for the treatment of many common health problems.

Health Benefits of Raw Honey – How to Use Honey

Honey Benefits For Sore Throat/Honey For Cough

Honey For Cough

Many studies have shown that there is a more effective solution for honey cough than other cough medicines. Honey has strong antibacterial properties that give relief to bad throat and help in the elimination of bacteria that cause infection.

For quick relief from cough, prepare a mixture of fresh lemon juice(honey and lemon benefits) and a big spoon of honey and drink this solution regularly at regular intervals. You can also prepare a mixture of honey, lemon juice and a glass of lukewarm(warm water with lemon and honey) water by adding a pinch of salt and using it for garrets.

Honey For Boosts Energy/ Health Benefits of Honey Water

Honey For Boosts Energy

Honey can immediately promote your energy(honey in water for energy) level. Due to the natural sugars in honey, it provides a healthy source of calories and energy when the body needs them most.

It easily fights fatigue and resolves the problem of low energy. The honey also satisfies the sweetness of some sweet in the body. This means that you can use honey without worrying about excess weight. Next time you have a sweet taste, just eat a teaspoon of raw honey, organic honey.

Honey For Digestion

Honey For Digestion

Honey is an effective antimicrobial agent that benefits the whole digestive system. The enzyme (glucose oxidase) present in the honey produces small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which can treat gastritis.

Honey also neutralizes gas, which is often due to excessive eating. Before heavy food, one or two tablespoons of honey is the best way to improve the digestive process.

Honey to Treat Minor Burn

Honey to Treat Minor Burn

You can also use honey for minor burn injuries. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can prevent the growth of bacteria and antimicrobial properties help prevent infection.

If you have minor burn injuries, then just add raw honey to the affected area. Within a short time you will feel relieved of the excitation of excitation, burning and pain. For quick treatment, you can set the honey on the burnt area several times a day for several days.

Honey For Wounds and Cut

Honey For Wounds and Cut

The honey benefits contains natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. These qualities help in cleaning the wounds and injury. In addition, honey is free of wound and injury from infection, reduces odor and pain, and helps to heal wounds faster.

After washing the wounds and injury with lukewarm water and light soap, apply a layer of honey on the affected area and cover the area completely affected by a strip. Change the bar after every 24 hours. Those people who are allergic to topical antibiotic medicines, honey is a great option for them.

Honey Benefits For Heart

Honey Benefits For Heart

Formation of conjugated dienes is retarded by the honey, these are compound formed by oxidation and are responsible for the bad cholesterol levels. Honey also reduces the chances of plague which narrows arteries and and may cause heart attack. Polyphenols present in the honey play an important role in maintaining the heart health.

Honey For Athlete/Honey For Muscles Fatigue

honey for muscles fatigue

Athletes often suffer from muscle fatigue, which can affect their performance level. But this problem can easily be solved with honey.

Honey promotes the performance and tolerance level of athletes and can reduce muscle fatigue. This is due to the correct combination of glucose and fructose in honey. Glucose is instantly absorbed by the body and provides instant energy while fructose is gradually absorbed and provides continuous energy to the body.

Honey For Blood Sugar Control/Honey For Diabetes

Honey For Diabetes

Honey is sweet, but people with diabetes can also enjoy it without any problems. In fact, honey can help control blood sugar level due to the combination of fructose and glucose. Some types of honey have low hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) indices. This means that when such a type of honey is consumed, it does not let the blood glucose level grow rapidly in your blood.

Those suffering from type 1 diabetes should eat a tablespoon of honey in the day. At the same time, minerals, vitamins and its antioxidant properties in honey are highly beneficial. In addition, honey can be used as sweet as compared to sugar.

Honey For Insomnia

Honey For Insomnia

Many people have trouble sleeping. Honey is a simple solution for this problem. Honey is a fat carbohydrate carbohydrate that stimulates insulin and allows tryptophan to enter the brain easily.

Tryptophan is a compound that gives us(how to take honey) sleep Before going to bed, take honey with a glass of hot milk. Both honey and milk(benefits of honey and milk) are foods containing tryptophan.

Honey For Weight Loss

Honey For Weight Loss

Honey benefits contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All these elements work together to promote fat and cholesterol metabolism. This helps in maintaining body weight and preventing obesity.

It has been found that drinking honey and lemon juice with empty stomach(benefits of drinking honey), a glass of lukewarm water in the morning, weighs less. Doing this helps to clean the liver, remove the toxic substances, and remove fat from the body.

Honey For Skin/Benefits of Honey on Skin

Honey For Skin

Due to its antimicrobial and fungal properties, honey is the best ingredient for healthy and shiny skin. For stains, apply a little honey directly onto the affected area before going to bed. It will give the skin all night to absorb the medicinal properties of honey.

Wash it with lukewarm water the next morning. Follow this simple solution for many days and soon your skin will be clean and shiny. Can be used for the treatment of other skin disorders such as honey exema, ringworm and psoriasis. Honey can also remove the skin’s swelling and dryness.

Having more contact with the sun causes damage to the skin and you begin to feel old before time. Honey can also be used as a sunscreen to save skin from sunlight.

Honey(benefits of honey and water) closes the pores in the upper layer of the skin and prevents impurities from coming. Therefore, it helps in fighting infection and preventing the problem of acne.

Honey Relieves Anxiety

Honey Relieves Anxiety

Honey promotes better sleep and cures insomnia which is a cause of anxiety. Drinking honey tea during bed time really affect your mental situation. Nutrients present in honey also produce calming effect and honey benefits for improves memory in middle age .

Honey Treats Wrinkles

Honey Treats Wrinkles

Honey is a natural humectant which when applied to skin soothes skin and maintain moisture of skin. This extra moisture can help in reducing wrinkles from skin. Honey makes your skin smooth by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Combination of honey and yogurt can help in treating dry skin.

Honey Benefits For Hairs

Honey Benefits For Hairs

Application of honey with Olive oil prevents hair loss and strengthens the hair. Honey also helps in removing the dandruff from scalp just mix honey with water and apply on the scalp will not only removes dandruff but also nourishes the scalp.

Side Effects of Honey

Side Effects of Honey

Honey is full of nutrients however it also has some side effects.

Babies below 1 year should not take honey it could be dangerous for them due to the presence of clostridium botulinum.

Consumption of heated honey could be proved fatal as it is dangerous for DNA.

High dose of honey creates irregularities with small intestine and stomach.

Breastfeeding mother should avoid honey as it may be contaminated.

Honey produces from the nectar of rhododendron may cause heart problems.

Allergic patient should avoid honey as it may cause lung inflammation.






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