Health Tomato Benefits and Side Effects – Tomato Uses

Tomato Advantages and Disadvantages – When are Tomatoes bad to Eat

All natural fruits and vegetables have certain advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular vegetable and fruit – tomato.

Tomato benefits contain manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium, sodium, phosphor, calcium, and magnesium. Tomatoes were found in America initially and it was considered as a fruit. Later it began to be considered as both, a fruit, and a vegetable.

There are two types of tomatoes- Red and Green. There is a major difference between both and that is red tomatoes have five times more of vitamin A and Vitamin C than green tomatoes and hence are used more widely.

Along with being a very beautiful and delicious food tomato has many health benefits.

Benefits of Eating Raw Tomatoes Everyday

1. Tomato Benefits for Skin

Do you think eating too many tomatoes can turn you red ? Well red or not it can definitely help you get a fresh, glowing skin. Vitamin C in tomatoes is extremely good for skin as it repairs the damaged skins and removes the dead cells from the skins. Applying tomato on face every day can prevent pre-aging symptoms and wrinkles on skin. Eating tomato everyday for skin gives a healthy skin with a whitening tone. It is also a natural treatment for acne. It also removes skin tan and blackheads.

2. Tomato Benefits For Weight Loss

Tomato is an anti-oxidant and hence having tomato juice can help lose weight faster. One of the benefits of eating raw tomato every day is that having very low calories it helps to lose weight. So if you have ever thought is raw tomato good for health? then here is your answer.

3. Tomato Soup For Bones

Tomato For Bones

Tomato is very good for bones as it has calcium which is known to strengthen bones in the body. Along with calcium tomato is also a good source of vitamin K which is also very beneficial for having healthy and strong bones.

4. Tomato Juice Benefits For Eyes

Tomatoes have Vitamin A and Vitamin A is very good for eyesight. It is considered as one of the benefits of having raw tomatoes every day as it helps to maintain the optical power and does not allow it to rise.

5. Tomato Benefits For Hair

Tomato is good for hair. People suffering from hair fall can blend a tomato and apply it on scalp. After 20 minutes wash it with lukewarm water. This helps to strengthen the roots and prevent hair fall. This in turn increases the volume of hair.

6. Tomato Helps in Diabetes

Tomato being high in fibre is good for diabetes and helps to reduce and keep it under control.

7. Tomato For Cancer Cure

Tomato For Cancer Cure

Anti-oxidants in tomato like vitamin C help combat the formation of free radicles that give rise to lung and stomach cancer.

8. Tomato Soup For Sleep

Tomato contains magnesium which helps in inducing sleep. Hence having a cup of tomato soup can be handy when you are completely awake and unable to sleep.

9. Tomato Good For Blood Pressure

Tomato has low sodium and high potassium. Hence tomato keeps hypertension away and keeps blood pressure in control.

10. Tomato Juice For Inflammation

Tomato helps to give relieve inflammation and muscle spasm.

11. Health Benefits of Tomatoes for Men

Tomatoes give some special tomato benefits to men. Tomato contains lycopene and beta-carotene which cures prostate problems and prevent prostate cancer. As tomato contains potassium it can help recover from damages caused by workouts faster. Tomato also boost the major male hormone –testosterone.

12. Benefits of Tomatoes For Women

Just like a male, females too extract some specific benefits from tomatoes. Tomato contains alpha-carotene and beta-carotene and hence it can prevent breast cancer. As we already know tomato is very good for bones it is said that if tomatoes are not included in the female diet post menopause it may cause deformation in bones. Tomato is also good during pregnancy because it contains folic acid which prevents neural tube defects in infants.

13. Tomato is Good For Heart

Tomato is extremely good for the heart and cardiac functions as it is rich in fiber.

14. Tomato Helpful For Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection is a cause of deficiency of vitamin A and Vitamin C and since tomato is rich in these two vitamins it is very good for curing and preventing urinary tract infection.

We have spoken about quite a lot of tomato benefits. Now let us discuss the side effects that tomatoes have so that we can be careful while including this in our diet.

Side Effects of Tomato

Side Effects of Tomato

1- Side effects of tomato juice on skin

Tomato juice is not harmful to the skin. However, for some people there can be a side-effect of tomato on face. It can cause rashes and other allergies for people who have very sensitive skin. Hence it is better to first test it on your hand skin before applying it to your face. For some people, it can also lead to change in skin color.

2- Vitamin overdose

Consumption of too much of tomatoes can lead to a vitamin overdose as tomato is very rich in vitamins like vitamin A and C

3- Allergic reactions

The seeds of tomatoes when eaten may show allergic reactions on some people. In such case, it is better to avoid tomatoes in the diet. Lycopene can cause an allergy such as that of itching.

4- Tomato Side Effects for Heartburn

Tomato is highly acidic and hence consumption of too much of tomatoes can lead to heart burning sensations.

5- Tomato Bad for Kidney or Gallbladder

Tomato is harmful to people with kidney stones, not because of tomato itself but because of its seeds. The calcium in a tomato is concentrated in its seeds and when consumed more these calcium can turn to stones in the kidney or the gallbladder.

As we can see tomato has more benefits than side-effects you have include it in your diet without any second thought. However, it is always better to take it in a limit. Consuming 2 tomatoes in a day is good and can be beneficial in many ways. If you eat 2 tomatoes in breakfast every day, in a month you will get positive results such as losing weight, clear and glowing skin, perfect blood pressure level etc.

One question may arise now and that is- when are tomatoes bad to eat? As already mentioned if you are suffering from gallbladder or kidney stone or high uric acid it is definitely bad for you to eat tomatoes. One more thing that many are unaware of is that it is not good to take tomato and cucumber together. Cucumber and tomato do not get digested in the same span of time and hence shouldn’t be eaten together. If you eat these two as a salad then it’s high time to be cautious about it. Apart from these, there is nothing to worry about. So enjoy the sour and sweet fruit and vegetable at the same time and stay fit.


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