Health Fennel Seeds Benefits and Side Effects – What Is Fennel

Fennel Seeds Benefits and Side Effects – Fennel Seeds Uses

Fennel seeds benefits are extensively used as an herbal medicine, in the kitchen as a spice, and as a flavoring agent is a short-lived perennial herb that is native to the Mediterranean region but is currently
cultivated in many parts of the world. These seeds are very popular as effective household remedies for
common ailments, particularly digestive disorders. A decoction of a fine powder of crushed seeds is used
to wash the eyes to reduce irritation and eyestrain. However, it has been found that fennel seed oil may
cause skin reactions, while ripened seeds may create problems in pregnant women and in infants.

Fennel Seed Benefits

Fennel Seed Benefits

1. Fennel Seed Water For Weight Loss

Fennel seeds help in reducing weight by decreasing the cravings and hunger. Though the direct relation
between Fennel seeds and weight loss has not been fully established, however this effect has been
speculated due to its diuretic ability.

1. Fennel Seed Water For Weight Loss

The losing of weight is mainly due to water loss through an increase in urination as a direct effect of its
diuretic property and not actual fat loss.

Also, fennel is low in calories and rich in nutrients and hence a value addition to the low-calorie diet
plans for weight loss. One tablespoon of fennel seeds has 20 calories, 1 gram of protein, 3 grams of
carbs and 2 grams of fiber. It’s also a good source of iron and can up your intake of calcium, potassium,
magnesium, zinc and many of the B-vitamins.

2. Fennel Seed Benefits For Skin

Fennel Seed Benefits For Skin

For cleansing effect – A fennel seed water infusion can cleanse skin(fennel tea benefits skin) by unclogging grime, dirt, excess sebum, excess dead cells and germs from deep within skin pores.

To make a fennel infusion, add 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds into a pan of hot water. Allow it to steep for
20 minutes. When it cools, add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil (unclogs blocked pores) and store it in an
empty glass bottle with a cork. Soak a clean cotton ball and wipe your face.

Against Acne – The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of Fennel are effective in keeping the
acne away. Its antiseptic properties provides protection against acne causing germs and bacteria while
the anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling and inflammation. Compounds such as such
as limonene, anethole and myrcene, present in Fennel seeds helps treat acne.

Fennel Seeds for Glowing Skin – The astringent property of Fennel help tighten pores, reduce oiliness and shrink large pores. Elasticity of skin is maintained due to its skin-firming and toning properties. Apply fennel seed tea
onto your face twice a day to tone and tighten your skin.

Cellulite reduction – An infusion of fennel seeds massaged into cellulite affected skin will smoothen,
hydrate and remove unsightly cellulite.

Make a paste by grinding fennel seeds with a liberal amount of water and apply it to skin with cellulite.

As detoxifying agent – Fennel seeds being diuretic solve water retention problems and help flush acne
causing toxins from our systems. In Ayurveda, fennel seeds have long been used for their detox and
therapeutic properties. To make a detox-drink with fennel, add 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds into a pan
of hot water. Let it steep for 20 minutes. Drink this infusion on an empty stomach regularly.

For removing Fine Lines and Wrinkles – Anti-oxidants in fennel seeds help fight against the free radical
scavengers that remove oxygen from healthy skin cells. It has powerful anti-aging properties that
protect both skin and hair from premature aging.

For using Fennel as a Skin Exfoliator, grind a handful of fennel seeds to make fennel seed powder. This
powder has a gritty texture that provides skin exfoliating properties for skin of all types. Use 1
tablespoon of fennel seed powder mixed with 1 teaspoon of water to make a thick paste. Scrub this
gently onto your face to scour off dead cells and excess sebum on the skin’s surface. Use circular
motions using your fingertips to stimulate blood flow.

3. Fennel Seeds Benefits For Hair

Fennel Seeds Benefits For Hair

Minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium and manganese as well as powerful
antioxidants present in fennel strengthen and nourish hair follicles and stimulate hair growth and
prevent premature graying of hair.

The antioxidants property of compounds such as quercetin and kaemptorol along with the essential oil
compounds like chavicol, limonene and anethole are all important for luscious hair. They are also rich in
vitamin C, A and b-vitamins which protect hair cells from free radicals and scalp irritants.

Rinse your hair with fennel water after washing it. To make a fennel water hair rinse, simply let steep 1
teaspoon of fennel seeds in 2 cups of hot water. Make sure the infusion completely cools down before
using it on your hair. Then add 3 drops of hair growth stimulating rosemary essential oil, stir well and
use the hair rinse.

4. Fennel Seeds Benefits For Eyes

Fennel Seeds Benefits For Eyes

Fennel seeds have a cooling and soothing sensation which provides instant relief to hot puffy eyes.
Make a paste by mixing fine fennel seed powder with a little water. Wrap this mixture in a damp soft
cloth and use it as a cold compress on puffy eyes. To provide instant relief to red itchy eyes, wash your
eyes with fennel seed water.

5. Fennel Tea For Babies

Fennel Tea For Babies

For children with colic and digestive weakness, fennel acts as an excellent herb by enhancing digestion
and assimilation of food. It is considered mildest and safest drug to relieve abdominal pain, spasms of
the gastrointestinal tract, flatulence and gas. Fennel seeds are also helpful in relieving from respiratory
disorders such as cough, asthma, bronchitis and lung abscesses.

In order to avoid the high risk of choking and seeds entering into trachea, you could always opt for
fennel tea. Consult with your physician before taking any supplement to treat medical conditions.

6. Fennel Tea For Breastfeeding

Fennel Tea For Breastfeeding

The breastfeeding mothers can topically apply the fennel essential oil on the skin of the breast to
increase milk supply. This can be done after breastfeeding session. For ease pf application, mix 15 drops
of fennel oil in 1 tbsp. of coconut oil.

7. Fennel For bad breathe

Fennel For bad breathe

Chewing fennel seeds increases saliva and kill bad breath germs. Fennel seeds benefits also help to alleviate
flatulence, bloating, and indigestion (just in case anything else starts to go wrong at dinner).

8. Fennel Seeds Improves Digestion

Fennel Seeds Improves Digestion

Fennel seeds has been traditionally known to aid digestion. Chewing small amount of the seeds after a
meal, helps both freshen the breath and to stimulate digestion.

The volatile oil content present in Fennel seeds is primarily responsible for these digestive benefits and
ability to clear intestinal gas so effectively. Compounds like anethole, fenchone and estragole appear to
have anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that relax contracted intestinal muscles and
allow trapped gas to dissipate.

The volatile oils in fennel seeds are also believed to stimulate bile for better digestion, thus preventing
these problems from happening in the first place.

9. Fennel Seeds For cancer

Fennel Seeds For cancer

The powerful phytonutrient present in Fennel seeds benefits can actually prevent cancer from forming in your
body. It also helps stop the cancer from spreading and getting worse.
Anethole, the organic substance present in Fennel commonly known for its antimicrobial and antifungal
properties is also powerful in fighting cancer.

In fact, the anethole can cause the breast cancer cells to kill themselves altogether in some cases. It
does this by fighting off cytokines known as tumor necrosis factors (TNF) which is believed to be a cause
of chronic inflammation.

10. Fennel Seeds For heart

Fennel Seeds For heart

Cholesterol absorption in the arteries is prevented by the action of the fibre binding the bile salts present in fennel seeds. It also decreases re-absorption of cholesterol thereby helping to prevent heart related diseases.

The potassium content helps in maintaining the blood pressure and hence the heart rate is also

11. Fennel For Brain Health

Fennel For Brain Health

It has been found that fennel seeds acts as a great brain booster and help improve cognitive
performance. Fennel bulbs and seeds also have high levels of potassium, which encourages increased
electrical conduction throughout the body, contributing to healthy brain functioning and cognitive

Moreover, fennel juice acts as a vasodilator and increases oxygen supply to the brain. It is also helpful in
relieving depression and delaying the onset of dementia.

How to Make Fennel Tea – Benefits of Fennel Tea

Benefits of Fennel Tea

Take about a tea spoonful of fennel seeds and boil them in about 100 or 150 ml of water for about 15-20
minutes. Make sure you do not boil the fennel seeds excessively as this will kill most of its nutrients. Boil
this fennel seed tea in low heat as antioxidants can escape through vaporization in medium and high heat.

Then filter out the seeds in a cloth and cover and let it rest for 10 minutes. You will get a light yellow infusion.

Fennel Seeds Side Effects

Taking fennel may cause side effects, including making you more sensitive to sunlight and giving you a
rash. It can also bring on menstruation, so pregnant women should avoid taking fennel. There is some
concern that fennel use could cause girls to develop breasts prematurely.

1. Fennel Seeds For Allergic Reactions

Fennel Seeds For Allergic Reactions

Some people are allergic to fennel. Using any amount of the seed could bring on an allergic reaction,
including trouble breathing, hives, rash, swelling of the lips or face and closing of the throat.

2. Fennel Seeds Benefits For Medication Interactions

Fennel Seeds Benefits For Medication Interactions

Fennel may interact with certain medications, including certain antibiotics and seizure medications.
Taking fennel seeds two hours before or after your medication may help make the interaction between
antibiotics and fennel less likely, but it may not entirely eliminate the risk.

3. Fennel Seeds Side Effects During Pregnancy

fennel seeds during pregnancy

Fennel is not contra-indicated while trying to conceive if taken during the first half of the menstrual
cycle. Once ovulation has occurred, high doses of fennel may prevent implantation and can cause
uterine contraction.

Fennel has a mild estrogenic effect and it acts like the female sex hormone estrogen.
During pregnancy, fennel seeds are safe in small amounts (for example when added to your meals or if
you drink fennel tea for upset stomach), but pregnant women should avoid medicinal amounts of this
herb because it can cause miscarriage.

High doses of fennel stimulate the uterus into contraction, causing blood loss and possibly pregnancy

After delivery, fennel facilitates menstruation and cleanses the uterus. It also increases milk production
in nursing mothers.

Avoid trying to get pregnant while taking fennel in medicinal doses and only taking it up until ovulation.

4. Allergy to celery, carrot or mugwort

Fennel might cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to these plants.

5. Fennel For Bleeding disorders

Fennel For Bleeding disorders

Fennel might slow blood clotting. Taking fennel might increase the risk of bleeding or bruising in people
with bleeding disorders.

6. Other Possible Effects of Fennal

Hormone-sensitive condition such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or
uterine fibroids. Fennel might act like estrogen. If you have any condition that might be made worse by
exposure to estrogen, do not use fennel.


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