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10 Reasons Why Chocolate is Bad For You

Be it an occasion or not, we all like to taste this often. We are talking about dark chocolate benefits. There are so many forms of chocolate that it can be guaranteed that there is not one single individual who did not taste chocolate in their life till the age of 10. Chocolate is a sweet which is made by using Theobroma cacao seeds. This article is going to be very chocolaty. Yes, if you are a crazy chocolate lover then I bet you will need some after reading this article. Almost all of us have often heard about the disadvantages of chocolate. This article can give some sense of joy to chocolate lovers as we are also going to discuss about a few benefits of chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Benefits

Dark Chocolate Benefits

Is dark chocolate good for you? Let us discuss how and what are the benefits of dark chocolate. It tastes a little dark unlike milk chocolates yet it contains anti-oxidants, flavonoids and various nutrients.

Chocolate For Heart Health

Chocolate For Heart Health

Dark chocolate benefits are rich in potassium and copper. This makes it very beneficial for the heart. Chocolate good reduce cholesterol. It keeps cholesterol, especially bad cholesterol under control. Bad cholesterol usually blocks the heart’s arteries which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Since dark chocolate can help from preventing cholesterol it can also reduce heart risks and make you feel much healthier. Hence, if you want to take good care of your heart, consume some dark chocolates.

Chocolate Good For Blood Pressure

Chocolate Good For Blood Pressure

Dark chocolate benefits is extremely beneficial for blood pressure. Blood pressure is neither supposed to be too high, nor to low. In order to maintain a good health it is necessary to keep blood pressure under control. Dark chocolates can help to lower high blood pressure as it contains copper and potassium. If you are suffering with a high blood pressure, try out some dark chocolates.

Dark Chocolates Benefits Weight Loss

Dark Chocolates Benefits Weight Loss

Dark chocolate doesn’t have any element that can burn fat. Yet when consumed in some limited quantity it can stop the cravings for more sweeter and salted foods. As it succeeds in satisfying your tongue with its limited sweetness it stops your cravings and eventually leads to weight loss. People who are in a mission to lose weight and are still unable to quit sweets, try grabbing some dark chocolates for yourselves.

Chocolate For Depression

Chocolate For Depression

It is said that dark chocolate benefits helps in proper blood circulation in the brain. As a result it helps to improve concentration level and other cognitive processes. It also helps to eradicate depression. It helps to uplift moods and hence can play a key role in treating depression. If you are prone to depression try to avoid it by consuming dark

Dark Chocolate For Diabetes

Dark Chocolate For Diabetes

The glycaemic index of dark chocolate is very low. The flavonoids present in dark chocolates help in stimulating insulin which helps to control diabetes. Diabetes is the condition in which an individual has a high blood sugar level. This occurs when the body is unable to absorb the sugar and only gets accumulated in the blood. Dark chocolate is hence good for diabetics.

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Chocolate Prevents Cancer

Chocolate Prevents Cancer

What is cancer? Cancer is caused when free radicals in the body increases. There is a sudden increase in the amount of cells in a particular part of the body. Cancer if detected at an early stage can be cured. However, if not detected it can lead to death. Dark chocolate benefits having anti-oxidant properties helps to prevent cancer. It is suggestible to have a limited amount of dark chocolate to get this benefit.

Chocolate For Skin

Chocolate For Skin

Did you know that there are various benefits of eating chocolate for skin. Dark chocolate helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines and hence works as a perfect anti-aging element. Consuming dark chocolate also prevents the skin from being effected with the UV rays.

Chocolate During Cough and Cold

Chocolate During Cough and Cold

Dark chocolate benefits helps to cure cough and cold. It one such phenomena that keeps happening quite often for many of us. The flavonoids and anti-oxidants helps to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. It can also help in preventing viral fever. If you are one of them who is regularly unwell. Try to consume some dark chocolates and keep cold and cough at bay.

Chocolate Regulates Oxidation

Chocolate Regulates Oxidation

Dark chocolate benefits helps to improve oxidation. This is one of the reasons why it keeps aging symptoms away. The visionary, auditory problems that gradually increase with age can be prevented by the regulation of oxidation in the body. As dark chocolate benefits helps to improve oxidation in the body it leads to anti-aging symptoms such as lack of eyesight or hearing.

Chocolate For Energy

Chocolate For Energy

Dark chocolate benefits gives energy. Energy is one such important factor that helps us to perform each and every function. Cocoa which is the basic element of all chocolates helps to provide energy to the body. Hence, it is often said that if you come back home tired and you know that you have more work to be done, you can consume a block of dark chocolate and refill yourself with energy.

Chocolates For Nervous System

Chocolates For Nervous System

Dark chocolate benefits helps the brain from free radicals. It keeps all the nerves active and also helps to prevent dullness of brain and nervous system. Usually with aging there is a gradual depletion of the nervous activities. Hence it is always suggested to have dark chocolates in order to maintain a good and healthy nervous system. Consume some dark chocolates to make your nerves active and stay healthy.

These were the benefits of dark chocolate. The other kind of chocolate that is used a lot are milk chocolates. Milk chocolates are much sweeter and is not as bitter as dark chocolates. Milk chocolates too have some benefits. What are the benefits of milk chocolate or benefits of dairy milk chocolate? The benefits are similar as it also contains cocoa however is much lesser than dark chocolates. Milk chocolate helps to provide energy, can prevent pregnancy problems, can help to prevent depression, leads to mood uplift, works as stress buster.

There are various types of chocolates and there are various ways to use chocolate. Let us have a look at the variants of chocolates and the different ways in which it is consumed.

Belgian Chocolate

In Europe the Belgians made chocolate by using 44% of cocoa powder. This type of chocolate is known as Belgian chocolate. It is known as praline and is one of the world’s most favourite chocolates.

Bittersweet Chocolate

Bittersweet chocolate is also a type of chocolate preparation made by using cocoa which makes it as the name suggests slightly bitter yet sweet. Cream is an essential product to prepare bittersweet chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars can be of any kind of chocolate. It just a shape, a bar like shape that is given to chocolates while preparing them. These bars are sold in the market with the name of different brands and different names.

Sugar Free Chocolate

People in this generation are highly effected by diseases like diabetes. It is necessary to avoid sugar and hence keeping this kind of chocolate is a necessity which doesn’t have sugar in it. Chocolate molds are used in order to give it different shapes.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate can be used as a coating on pretzels. This makes it a very delicious food and also works as a snacks.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

As the name suggests this is a coating of chocolate on strawberries. This gives a mixed flavoured taste with the taste of strawberries and chocolate. There are also chocolate strawberries which are chocolates made in strawberry shape.

Vegan Chocolates

Vegan chocolate is also a type of chocolate that contains no non-vegetarian ingredient. It is one of the most demanded types and almost all good brands are vegan chocolates to attract vegan diet customers.

Godiva Chocolates

Godiva chocolate is another type of chocolate preparation. It is a brand which is found in Belgium. It can be made into truffles, gourmet and chocolate mouses.

Bakers Chocolate

Bakers chocolate is a kind of raw chocolate which is used to prepare various other types of chocolates and cakes.

Lindor Chocolate

It is a kind of melty chocolate which is usually available on Lindt which is a brand. Hence it is also known as lindt lindor chocolates

Callebaut Chocolate

Callebout chocolate is a kind of Belgian chocolate. There are different things that can be made with this and callebout chocolates are well known for its truffles.

Tobleron Chocolate

It is a triangular shaped famous swiss chocolate which is made with honey, nuts and chocolate.

Chocolate Chips

These are small balls of sweetened chocolates keeps as a chunk and is used on various cookies cakes and ice creams.

Homemade Chocolate

As the name suggests this kind of chocolates are usually made at home by using cooking chocolates.

Chocolate Liquor

As the name suggests this type of chocolate is usually in the form of alcohol with the taste of chocolate.

Dove Chocolate

This is another brand of chocolate and is also well known as dove milk chocolate.

German Chocolates

It is a chocolate made in German. There are various types which are consumed very widely. Some examples of German chocolates are- Rinter sport chocolate bar, Knusper flocken, cookies and cream etc.

Hershey’s Chocolate

Hershey’s chocolate is another type of chocolate which is used in various chocolate dishes. The place Hershey is famous for its chocolate world.

White Chocolates

Chocolates are not just brown in colour, there are also white chocolates that are equally delicious.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is chocolate added milk which gives the milk a taste of chocolate.

Chocolate Fondue

This is a liquid form of chocolate which is used in many chocolate desserts.

Nestle Chocolate and Galaxy Chocolate– These are chocolate brands and are widely available in the market.

World’s Finest Chocolate

It is a chocolate brand which is being run from past three generations of the owner’s family and this proves how old it is.

Along with these chocolate fudge and chocolate mousse are used very widely and are very delicious. Chocolate frosting and chocolate icing is done on chocolate cakes to make it taste even better. Chocolate sauce is a sauce which is used widely on sweets and ice creams to make chocolate dishes. Chocolatiers are people who make sweets,cakes and other snacks using chocolate. They are different from chocolate bakers who make chocolate by using the cocoa beans. Chocolatiers use chocolates to make other stuffs.

There is a lot of debate on which is the best chocolate in the world. Whether it is Swiss, Belgian or German. Mostly chocolate is a personal preference. Some people might like one type while some may like the other type. Hence it cannot really be proved as it is subjective.

How to Make Chocolates/Chocolate Recipes

How to Make Chocolates

Milk chocolate

  • Take a pan and place it on a bowl filled with water. Heat the water.
  • Take cocoa butter and melt it by placing it on the pan.
  • Once melted, Add milk powder and stir well.
  • Add sugar powder and stir well
  • Add cocoa powder (sugar or sugar less) Based on this type the sugar powder would vary.
  • Stir it well and make sure there are no lumps.
  • Take a chocolate mold and pour it.
  • Put it in the fridge for half an hour
  • The chocolate will losen from the base. Take it and enjoy it’s taste

Chocolate filled strawberry

  • Cut the tip of a strawberry and take out the inner pulp
  • Insert melted chocolate into it.
  • Chill it for 5 minutes. The chocolate filled strawberry is ready.

You must have heard that chocolates aren’t good. Why are chocolates bad for you? Since we have spoken about the benefits and types, we must also know about the disadvantages of chocolate and the bad effects of chocolate. Here are a few reasons why chocolates are bad for you.

Heart Disease

Heart disease

Unhealthy fats, saturated fats in milk chocolate can harden the artery walls and lead to heart diseases. However, dark chocolates aren’t harmful for heart and is infact good for heart health. Hence, avoid consumption of too many milk chocolates. It also suggestible to take limited amount of dark chocolate as anything is excess is harmful

Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Milk chocolate that contains a lot of sugar are actually bad for your weight loss diet. It contains a very high calorie amount and hence it is necessary to avoid chocolates. Dark chocolate can be beneficial but milk and other chocolates are absolutely harmful as it contains a lot of fat.

High Sugar Level

High Sugar Level

Sugar is only high in calories and has no nutrients at all. Hence sugar can be very harmful for health. It is considered as one substance which is actually of not any benefits. Hence try to take less amount of chocolates to reduce the intake of excess sugar which can also be harmful for diabetics.



Cocoa contains caffeine. And too much of caffeine is not good for health. It makes you feel restless and can effect your sleep. Hence when you are eating too much of chocolate keep it in mind that you are actually consuming caffeine along with it. So keep a limit of it.

Cavity and tooth defect- When children consume chocolate, it sticks to their gum and teeth. It can lead to cavity which becomes very harmful for the gums and teeth. Cavity pains are unbearable and hence it is definitely advisable to reduce the consumption of chocolates in children.

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