Curry Leaves Benefits and Side Effects – Curry Leaves Nutrition

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Curry Leaves

There are many questions in peoples mind such as

  • are curry leaves edible?
  • Is curry leaves healthy?
  • Can you eat cooked curry leaves?
  • What are the benefits of curry leaf?

Curry leaves if one of the most popular food items in the world mostly in India. People use these leaves to enrich their recipe with taste and flavour. But not only taste this amazing substance contains some of the benefits for human health.

People may think curry leaves benefits how to eat, but there are many ways through which you can consume curry leaves to get the crucial benefits. It’s not how many leaves curry leaves can I eat in a day?

But if I have sequentially eaten any. So here you will get to learn about the benefit and side effects of eating raw curry leaves.

Advantages of Eating Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves for Hair

Do you know benefits of curry leaves for hair growth? Then take a look here I will ask you how Curry leaves to use as a hair tonic for growing your hair. Use coconut oil and Curry leaves for making a hair tonic.

Because every people will know that coconut oil is good for our hair and scalp also. Coconut oil keeps your hair moisturised and nourished. Curry Leaves benefits comes with Vitamin B6 which will help to strengthen your hair.

The mixture of coconut oil and Curry Leaves will give strength to your to the roots of your hair. If you rub your hair with this mixture twice a week before bath, then you could experience the drastic changes with your eyes. With regular scalp stimulation and oiling will speed up the hair growth rate of your body.

Curry Leaves for Skin

Is curry leaf Good for the face? And what do you do with fresh curry leaves? Yes, obviously it is very good for your face and skin. These leaves are popular like sweet neem leaves. There are recipes in which curry leaves are used to enhance the taste for that particular food item.

Curry Leaves for Skin
During the summer season, there are many skin problems that occur. The eruptions and boils that occur in this season are for a short time but it gives pain unless it is gone. So to get get rid of this pain you can apply a paste of curry leaves on your affected skin and get effective results.

It will also help you to cure snakebite, insect bites, rashes and spots. It is also very helpful for glowing skin, make a paste of curry leaves and add a little amount of turmeric and apply to your skin. It will make your skin glow again by blessing acne and pimples. So, therefore, curry leaves are very helpful for your skin when it comes to infection curing.

Curry Leaves for Heart

Curry leaves nutrition has a high benefit to your health. And as you know triglycerides and cholesterol are the king of fat that is available in your blood. In human body cholesterol act as one of the important agents that carries some vitamins and nutrients through the blood.

If your blood has a high amount of cholesterol, then that could lead to the risk of cardiac disease. According to research curry leaves can reduce the level of cholesterol in your blood.

Another research in Journal of Ethnopharmacology shows that curry leaves can reduce cholesterol in rates of a person with diabetes. On the same note, another study shows that curry leaves could reduce triglyceride and cholesterol in obese animals. According to International Journal of Phytomedicine, the has surely confirmed the notes of lowering cholesterol.

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Curry Leaves Benefits for Anemia

Curry Leaves Benefits for Anemia

For thousands of years, curry leaves are used in a various Indian recipe. And it is known as radio patta in the country of India, but most of the people always think that can you eat curry leaves raw.

Yes, you can eat it in any way, It is not mandatory that how one should consume it, but most people prefer benefits of curry leaves boiled water. As you know that curry leaves are rich in vitamin A and it protects your eyes from developing any cataracts.

With the huge amount of iron and folic acid defends your body against anaemia. It also improves the digestion process of your body and maintains the blood sugar level. Though it is better known for its skin problems it has other important medical properties on your body.

Curry Leaves for Diabetes

The curry leaves benefits for diabetes is known to the world from thousands of years. There are many benefits of eating curry leaves on empty stomach that are unparallel.

One of it is curing or protecting your body from diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most popular health issues that world is facing today. There is a wrong idea about curry leaves in people that it can only serve as a food item. But curry leaves can help your body to regulate the amount of sugar in your blood.

There is a substance in curry leaves that will break down the starch into glucose in the blood of diabetic patients. So you can take raw curry leaves in empty stomach every day to maintain the amount of blood sugar in your body.

Curry Leaves Benefits for Liver

Your liver is affected by many types of things such alcohol, junk food, smoking, work stress and many more. There is a way through you can protect your liver from damage as it is one of the most integral parts of human body.

Only you have to add curry leaves to your regular diet to get rid of various types of liver problems. In curry leaves, there is a substance known as kaempferol, and it is a very strong antioxidant that lowers the level of toxic in your body thus protecting your liver from further damage.

The presence of vitamin c and A in this leaves helps in the production of bile from your body. So take curry leaves and keep your liver healthy.

Curry Leaves for Diarrhea

It is one of the important substances that Indian loves to use in their food item. But not only it acts as a food item, but it also has some benefits to your health ad one of it is curing diarrhoea. It helps to produce digestive enzymes which lead to break down of the food easily.

It also helps to cure tasteless tongue and the amino acid present in it. Diarrhea can lead to loss of taste in your tongue, but curry leaves benefits help to boost the taste buds thus providing taste to your body.

In most of the research shows that curry leaves have 66.3 percentage of moisture in it along with fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This is why you can consume curry leaves to cure problems related to digestion in your body.

Curry Leaves for Weight Loss

Curry Leaves for Weight Loss

The curry leaves are full of substances that combat obesity. It is not only for taste and flavour, but it is very helpful for weight loss as it has some of the important nutrition.

So here we will take a look at how curry leaves will help to lose weight. One of the important benefits of curry leaves is that It detoxifies your body that will help you to burn fat easily that losing weight. The breaking down of food in your stomach helps in digestion of the food easily thus helping less deposited of fat.

It is a very important naturally present substance that can burn cholesterol and fat your body. It also controls the level of blood sugar present in your body. So these are the benefits of curry leaves for weight loss.

Curry Leaves Benefits During Pregnancy


Curry leaves are rich with nutrition’s and vitamins that help your body in many ways. Women always think how curry leaves benefits can help you in pregnancy.

Most of the time pregnant women face full of so many discomforts. Such as vomiting, morning sickness is the most common problems faced by women. Mainly Nausea is behind the hormone changes in the body of pregnant women.

At that moment if she can consume boiled curry leaves will show effective results by lowering the levels of discomfort such as morning sickness and vomiting. So always try to add boiled curry leaves to your diet when you are pregnant to reduce the effects of the pregnancy-related problem.

Curry Leaves Side Effects

Side Effects of Curry Leave Hair Oil

Side Effects of Curry Leave Hair Oil

You might be thinking what the side effects of curry leaves are? Curry leaves don’t have a huge list of side effects except for one.

Which is there are some side effects of curry leaves on hair. Hair oil manufactures good for the health of your hair, but if one uses it more often, then it can surely cause some side effects such as reducing the strength of the roots thus causing hair loss.

So whenever you try to maintain your hair using the curry leaves make sure that you are treating your hair not destroyed by using it excessively. So always know the benefits but also keep in mind the side effects of anything that you are using in your body.

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