9 Impressive Health Benefits of Coffee Beans

The word Coffee is derived from the Dutch word Koffie. The history of coffee dates back 10 century. It is believed that coffee originated in Ethiopia. It is believed that coffee was discovered by goat herder Kaldi. He noticed that after having the fruit of coffee shrub, his goats exhibited an increase in energy. After consuming the fruit he found the same effect on himself. Kladi later told the effects of coffee to monks, who disapproved the effects of coffee initially. Drinking about three or four cup a day there are lots of coffee benefits and side effects.

Coffee was first exported from Yemen and Ethiopia. Later on, traders introduced coffee to the world. Coffee was introduced to England in 16 century on the island of Malta. The first coffeehouse was opened in London in the year 1652. Around 70 countries produce coffee but, Brazil is the largest producer of coffee followed by-

  • Vietnam
  • Colombia
  • Indonesia
  • Ethiopia

Coffee Shrub

Coffee Shrub

Coffee shrubs are evergreen and they may grow up to the height of 5m. The leaves are dark and glossy. Their length ranges from 10-15 cm. Flowers of coffee are small and fragrant and white in color. After pollination, flowers are followed by berries. Initially, berries are green in color but later on, they turn yellow or crimson. After drying coffee beans turn brown in color. Usually, each berry has two seeds. There are two types of coffee beans-

  • Arabica- beans tend to be softer in taste. They have higher acidity as compared to Robusta.
  • Robusta have stronger and harsher taste. They contain high caffeine as compared to Arabica. They are easier to grow and are more prone to pests.

Benefits Of Coffee

Benefits Of Coffee

It offers numerous Coffee benefits. It is a good start to your day. Coffee helps to lower down the risk of type 2 diabetes. Higher coffee intake is associated with lower Parkinson’s disease. According to, Italian researchers coffee helps to lower down the risk of liver cancer by 40%.

It also decreases the chances of heart failure. Black coffee helps in hydration of the body. Coffee benefits is also an antidepressant. It helps in preventing premature death. According to a research at Cornell University coffee helps in preventing retinal damage. It also contains chlorogenic acid, which is good for eyes.

Coffee Benefits for Skin

Coffee Benefits for Skin

Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals can cause premature aging. Antioxidants also help in boosting the immunity. According to a study, Coffee bean extracts may help in skin cell energy preservation.

Coffee also protects the skin from harmful UV rays. It also prevents the DNA damage. It boosts cell growth. You can also add coffee to your daily skin care regime. Try coffee scrub. Mix ground coffee, brown sugar, and olive oil. Massage the pack in a circular motion. It helps to get rid of dead cells. You can also use coffee as an anti-cellulite body scrub. Just mix ground coffee, a spoon of olive oil and sugar. Rub this mixture in circular motions.

Coffee benefits can also be used as a skin brightener. Mix half cup of coffee and few tablespoons of milk. Apply this mixture for 15 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Coffee is also a great remedy for puffy eyes. Try coffee ice cubes or apply coffee bags on your eyes.

Benefits of Coffee Weight Loss

Benefits of Coffee Weight Loss


Coffee can help to control appetite, helping you to consume fewer calories. Coffee may help to burn fat. Coffee stimulates the nervous system. The nervous system sends the direct signal to fat cells to break down the fat. It also helps to increase the hormone Epinephrine. Epinephrine also is known as adrenaline breaks down fats and then releases them into the blood.

Coffee increases the metabolic rate. Higher metabolic rate means higher calorie consumption by the body. Coffee boosts metabolism for a shorter period of time. After, sometimes people become tolerant to these effects. Avoid adding sugar to your coffee, as it contains calories.

Coffee Effects On Brain

Coffee is often referred to as brain fuel. It keeps the brain awake and alert. Coffee also regulates the mood. It stimulates the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a mood influencing hormone. Coffee consumption is linked to Parkinson Disease.

Coffee Good for Parkinson Disease

Coffee Good for Parkinson Disease

Coffee can protect the brain against Parkinson disease. Parkinson disease is a neurodegenerative disorder. It mainly affects the motor system. The symptoms of the disease are shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty in walking.

The Japanese research states that caffeine can help to boost memory. According American Academy Of Neurology caffeine seems to block a malfunctioning brain signal in Parkinson Disease.

Coffee for Fatigue

Coffee provides instant energy. It provides relief from fatigue for a shorter period of time. After the intake of coffee, Brain sends a message to the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland releases the stress hormones like Adrenaline and Cortisol. The brain becomes alert after the release of adrenaline and cortisol.

Having, coffee before workout decrease exhaustion and pain. Caffeine helps in increasing the endurance by 1% to 3%.The effects of caffeine can vary from individual to individual.

Coffee For Athletic Stamina

Coffee For Athletic Stamina

Caffeine in reducing the glycogen depletion, promoting the body to burn fat. According to The Journal Of Applied Physiology, athletes that consumed caffeine and carbs after strenuous exercise had 66% more glycogen in their muscles than athletes who just ingested carbs alone post workout.

It also helped athletics enjoy exercise and burn more calories. In short, caffeine helps in boosting athletes stamina. It also increases the stamina of athletes.

Benefit Of Coffee For Heart

Moderate coffee consumption can help to lower down the risk of cardiovascular disease. According to a research, coffee helps in decreasing the calcification of the arteries. Calcification of arteries can cause heart attacks.Coffee also contains antioxidants.

Antioxidants help to fight heart attack and premature aging. Apart from antioxidants, coffee too has anti- inflammatory properties. Cardiologists advise one to two coffee per day. Avoid adding sugar to your coffee. Individuals who drank 3-5 coffee per day had 40% fewer chances artery calcification.

Coffee Benefits For Diabetes

Coffee Benefits For Diabetes

Coffee lower down the risk of type 2 diabetes. According to a Study In Diabetes Care. The dose of caffeine before a meal resulted in post-meal blood glucose in people with type two Diabetes. It also showed an increase in insulin resistance.

According, to a research in 2009 consumption of 3 cups of coffees can lower down the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 40%. Black coffee is beneficial for diabetics. Moderation is the key to health. Avoid having lots of coffee. Diabetics must be very cautious about their sugar intake

Drinking Coffee Benefits For Cancer

Coffee contains antioxidants. Antioxidants help in fighting free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for deadly diseases like cancer and premature aging.

According to research at the University Of Scranton, Coffee is the number one dietary source of antioxidants in the USA. Coffee helps in reducing the risk of liver, breast and skin cancer. Coffee intake also helps in decreasing endometrial cancer.(Source)

Coffee Benefits For Men

Coffee Benefits For Men

According, to a research in Harvard University coffee, helped cut down the risk of diabetes by 8%. Coffee also helped to lower down the blood sugar levels. Coffee also helps in reducing the risk of developing kidney stones by 26%. Coffee boosts your immune system as it contains antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent premature aging.

According to a study at the University of Hawaii, 2 to 3 cups of coffee reduces the chances of liver cancer by 38%.Coffee also increases your endurance. Overconsumption of coffees can be disadvantageous also. Side Effects Of Coffee In Males. Coffee can cause mouth ulcers. Early morning consumption of coffee can cause acidity.

Coffee can also cause stress and insomnia in men. It also causes the deficiency of Magnesium and reduces the kidney’s ability to retain calcium, zinc, and magnesium

Coffee Increases Breast Size

No, Coffee doesn’t increase your breast size. Drinking coffee makes the breast shrink. There is a clear link between drinking coffee and smaller breast. Caffeine counteracts the development of breast tissue. Drinking two cups of coffee increase the levels of estrogen and help to prevent breast cancer.

The direct effects of coffee on breasts is still unknown. There are many researches going on to prove the effects of coffee on the breast.

Disadvantages of Coffee

Disadvantages of Coffee

Coffee is referred to as America favorite Drug. Over Consumption of coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness.

Consuming Coffee health risks for empty stomach stimulates the release Hydrochloric Acid. Due to the large production of HCL, deficiency of HCL arises. HCL help in the process of protein digestion. Coffee can cause acidity and mouth ulcers.

Coffee affects iron absorption in the stomach and kidneys ability to retain calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Coffee increases stress levels. Moderation is the key to coffee consumption. Diabetics must be extra careful while consuming coffee. Avoid adding excessive sugar to your coffee. Try not to exceed the limit of coffee intake.

Side Effects of Coffee on Skin

Caffeine can hinder the production of collagen in the body. It can also dehydrate the skin. Dehydrated cells cannot absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Overconsumption of coffee can also cause an acne breakout.

Side Effects Of Coffee In Females

Side Effects Of Coffee In Females

Coffee is an addictive drug. Overconsumption of Coffee can be disadvantageous to your health. Too much coffee can cause restlessness and insomnia. Avoid having coffee before going to bed.

Coffee can cause headaches. It also dehydrates the body. Drinking more than three cups of coffee can cause the rise in the risk of osteoporosis. Coffee can also increase the chances of miscarriage in women.

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