Brinjal Benefits and Side Effects – Benefits of Egg Plant

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Egg plant

Brinjal is also known as eggplant or aubergine. It belongs to the family of solanum and is related to potato and tomato. It is widely used as a vegetable.

The taste of this vegetable when raw is bitter however, when cooked it becomes very soft and tender. This vegetable is called eggplant for its shape which when small looks like an egg.

It is rich in vitamin C, B6, minerals, proteins, iron etc. Brinjal benefits has various advantages and a few disadvantages (brinjal advantages and disadvantages).

Through this article let us know more on eggplant benefits and side effects.

Merits and Demerits of Brinjal

Brinjal Good for Digestion

Brinjal is good for digestion. It helps in proper and faster digestion of food. Consuming brinjal in mashed or soup form with ginger and asafoetida can help to get rid of flatulence.

Flatulence is a condition which causes the release of gas through the anus that accumulates in the stomach due to indigestion or gastritis.

It is also good for preventing constipation which is the hardening of the stool making it difficult to defecate.

Eggplant Cures Cancer

Eggplant Cures Cancer

Cancer is caused when there is a sudden multiplication of cells which causes an unnatural increase in the number of cells in a particular area of the body.

Cancer is one of the very common issue which is leading to the death of many. Brinjal benefits can help to prevent cancer.

Being a good source of fiber and phytonutrients it helps to prevent various types of cancer such as colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Make it a part of your diet to keep cancer at bay

Brinjal for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a challenge for many. Unfulfilled commitments are one of the major reason why people are unable to lose weight. It is definitely not an easy process, but it needs patience, exercise and a healthy low calorie diet.

Brinjal benefits is one such vegetable which directly aids weight loss. 100 gram of brinjal contains only 25 calories which is just 1/4 th of the whole.

It is also rich in fiber and hence helps to make you feel full for a long period of time and prevents craving of food. So if you are planning and trying hard to lose weight, start consuming brinjal regularly.

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Brinjal for Heart Patients

The main function of heart is to purify and circulate the blood. Heart attack is the blockage of arteries that works as an obstacle for the blood flow.

It is hence very important to keep the heart healthy. Brinjal benefits is rich in potassium, Vitamin B6 and flavonoids helps the heart to function properly.

It is also low in cholesterol and helps to keep a control in high blood pressure which further helps to the heart healthy and functioning.

Eating Brinjal Benefits for Diabetes

Eating Brinjal Benefits for Diabetes

Diabetics is condition which is caused due to the high level of sugar in the blood stream. This occurs when the usable glucose takes time to get absorbed by the body.

Stress is one of the main causes of diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that gives way to various other diseases if not controlled. Brinjal is a good source of fiber and has very low carbohydrate this helps to control blood sugar level.

Diabetic patients must make this vegetable a part of their dialy diet in order to bring down their blood sugar level.

Eggplant Good for Brain

Brain is a part of the central nervous system. It is said that a person can still have senses if the heart stops functioning, but a person is called dead only when the person’s brain is dead. This is the importance of brain.

Brinjal is very healthy for the brain. Consumption of brinjal benefits helps to improve concentration. It is hence very important to give kids this vegetable which will help them to concentrate in various activities faster. Brinjal is also known to improve memory power.

Memory is the process of encoding, storing and reproducing an information.

Skin Benefits of Eggplant

Brinjal Benefits for Anemia

Skin is one such thing that easily makes ones age very prominent. Some people even face the problem of premature aging when the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin becomes very evident and makes a person look much older than his/her actual age.

Eating brinjal twice or thrice a week helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lies and makes one look younger than his/her actual age. Apply mashed eggplant on your skin to get a wrinkle- free skin. Cut brinjal and rub it on your face gently, this will help you get a glowing skin and get rid of too much of oil from your skin.

Brinjal Benefits to Quit Smoking

Smoking is an addiction, that’s the reason even after knowing that smoking causes cancer, people are unable to quit smoking. Smoking is not an addiction to tobacco but an addiction to a substance called nicotine.

Brinjal has some amount of nicotine and hence people who are planning to quit smoking can start making brinjal a part of their diet. Next time you crave for a cigarette try having a brinjal fry or soup, you are sure to find some help in your process of quitting smoking.

Hair Benefits of Eggplant


Hair is indeed something that defines one’s physical appearance and it is the only element that can be changed for example whether to have curly hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair etc.

The texture and style of hair is something that adds on to one’s beauty. Brinjal being very rich in vitamins and minerals is very good for hair. It helps to make the scalp healthy.

It makes the follicles stronger and prevents hair fall. It also helps to cure the problem of dandruff.

Benefits of Eggplant During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most crucial period as it is the initial development of a foetus in the uterus of a woman. It is important to take special care during pregnancy as it is not just the health of one person but it is directly related to the development of a new one.

Brinjal when consumed sometimes, can give brinjal benefits during pregnancy. It helps to make sure about the proper development of the brain of the baby. It also takes special care to improve the immunity system of the mother and develop the immunity system of the baby.

Brinjal for Bones Health

Brinjal for Bones Health

Bone is the basic structure of the body that helps us in every function including movement, sitting and even lying. Osteoporosis is a condition of slow bone degradation.

Brinjal helps to prevent this slow degradation of bone and helps to maintain healthy and strong bones. Brinjal has phenolic compounds which protects the bones and helps to strengthen them.

As people age, the bones become weaker, hence it is best to consume brinjal to avoid bone injuries due to minor accidents or slow bone degradation.

Brinjal Benefits for Anemia

Anaemia is caused due to a reduced amount of hemoglobin in the blood. This causes paleness in the entire body and makes the person extremely weak.

It is also associated with symptoms such as nausea and dizziness. This is usually caused as a result of iron deficiency in the body. Brinjal is packed with iron. Consuming brinjal can help in curing Anaemia.

If you are prone to anaemia or you haemoglobin count is lower than normal, you must make brinjal a part of your diet.

Does Brinjal cause health problems? Anything in excess is always bad. Brinjal too has side effects. Let us know the few Brinjal health problem.

Brinjal Side Effects

Brinjal Stimulate Menstruation

Brinjal Stimulate Menstruation

Too much of brinjal can cause menstruation. Which is not bad but it is harmful when consumed in a large amount for pregnant women in the 1 st trimester (1 st three months) it may lead to miscarriage.

Some amount of it during pregnancy would definitely be helpful, but it is advised not to consume too much of it. Hence if you are pregnant and you are in the 1 st three months of pregnancy, keep a limit in the consumption of it.

Brinjal Acidity Problems


Acidity is the secretion of large amount of HCL in our stomach. This causes symptoms like burps, vomiting sensations, uncomfortable feeling etc.

Brinjal when consumed too much can lead to formation of too much of acid causing acidity in the stomach. It is not a good food for people who are prone to acidity.

In case a person eats brinjal and gets the symptoms of acidity, it is highly recommendable to stop the consumption then.

Brinjal Allergic Reaction

Brinjal Allergic Reaction

Anything that has seeds can be an allergic agent. Egg plant has seeds, these seeds can cause allergies. Some people get itching sensation in their tongue due to the consumption of brinjal.

There are also some who get skin rashes after consumption of brinjal. This is one of the reasons why it is advisable to not have brinjal at once it you are prone to allergies.

It is preferable to have an allergy test before sing it as a part of your diet.

Eggplant Overdoes of Potassium and Iron

There is a certain limit to every chemical that our body can take. Just as deficiency is harmful, over-dosage can also be equally harmful.

Brinjal being highly rich in potassium and iron can lead to over-dosage of both if consumed too much. An over-dosage can have symptoms like upset stomach, vomiting, difficulty in absorbing nutrients and many more.

Brinjal Addiction

Brinjal Addiction

Brinjal contains nicotine. Just as it helps to quit smoking, too much consumption of it regularly can lead to addiction. The nicotine without tobacco is not a harm to the body, however, any addiction is not good for health.

Whenever there begin a compulsion to have something specific it becomes extremely difficult to change the habit. Hence, it is preferable to eat brinjal in moderate quantity and not over eat.

These were a few merits and demerits. One question that may arise now is that- Is brinjal bad for health? No it is definitely not.

The side effects does not mean that it is bad to eat. It is just a precaution and an awareness to only extract the good out of something. Now that you know both, consume brinjal in a moderate quantity and enjoy its benefits.

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