Bottle Gourd Benefits and Side Effects – How to Eat Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd Benefits, Whatever food we eat in our regular diet, this diet is beneficial for our health in some way. Likewise, the gourd, which is eaten as a vegetable, gives relief to our body from many diseases. It looks on the vine and soon becomes very big.

Health Benefits of Bottle Gourd – Bottle Gourd Poisoning.

Many of you will be people who will not like it at all, but if you know its benefits then you will be surprised. Baba Ramdev also advises people to consume gourd and its juice. Gourd juice is very beneficial in the winter season. Gourd contains venomous properties. Bottle Gourd benefits contains 12 percent water. Its flavour is different from other vegetables. Its juice plays an important role in obesity, hypertension, acid bile, cardiovascular disease etc. today we are aware of the physical benefits of gourd juice Bottle gourd scientific name

Before knowing about the excellent medicinal properties of gourd juice, we put on a glance introduction of gourd. Gourd- The fruit of the plant related to Cucurbitaceae Family. In India, gourd is also called Ghee, Dudi, and Dudhi Pumpala. Bottle Gourd Scientific Name-

“Lagenaria siceraria” And it is known in English as the Bottle Gord.

Bottle Gourd Nutrition Facts

Water in bottle gourd benefits 96.1%; Carbohydrate 2.5%; Protein 0.2%; Fat 0.1% and filament 0.6% present in the mixture of 100 grams pulp for gourd – Sodium 1.8; Magnesium 5.0, Potassium 87.0; Calcium 20.2; Copper 0.3, iron 0.7; Phosphorus 10, sulphur 10; Vitamin B1 0.03; Vitamin B-0.2 0.2; Vitamin C 6.0 – These per 100 grams, m.g. are found in quantity. And we get 12 calorie energy from 100 grams of gourd

How to Make Bottle Gourd Juice?

How to Make Bottle Gourd Juice?

Taste the bottle gourd before making the juice and if the gourd is bitter, then do not take the juice of it.

Ingredients for making Gourd Juice

  • Gourd 500 grams,
  • Seven basil leaves,
  • Five mint leaves,
  • Four to five balls of black pepper
  • Rock salt according to the taste.

Method of Making Gourd Juice-Bottle Gourd Recipe

First of all, you must wash gourd, mint, and basil thoroughly. Now you take the gourd, mint, and basil and put it in the juicer. Now get the juice in a clean glass and make a rock salt and black pepper powder and mix it well in juice.

Now you should consume this juice in the morning. This juice will free you from all the problems. This juice should be given to patients of all heart regularly after eating 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening. Use the juice in small quantities in the early days and increase the amount as it begins to digest well.

Gourd juice extracts stomach disorders through stools. Due to which the stomach may start to fail in the beginning. If this happens, do not be frightened with it, it will be okay with time. Patients can use their medicines with this juice drink.

Bottle Gourd Benefits For Weight Loss

If you are troubled by your growing weight then you should pay special attention to the diet with exercise. After this regular exercise, you should drink 100 grams of gourd juice every day. Drinking gourd juice is filled the stomach for hours, which also reduces your obesity.

Very few people know that bottle gourd juice helps in reducing obesity very quickly. Gourd quickly reduces weight compared to other things. By boiling the gourd with salt, the weight decreases in a few days. There is a high amount of fiber in it which does not seem to be hungry and is full of stomach.

Bottle Gourd For Diabetes – Bottle Gourd Seeds Benefits

Bottle Gourd For Diabetes

For diabetic patients, the gourd is not less than a boon. Drinking in the empty stomach gourd juice every morning, it is very beneficial for diabetic patients. The amount of sugar is very rare in gourd juice, and drinking it does not cause heaviness in the stomach. The doctors also recommend diabetic patients to eat gourd.

Bottle Gourd Juice For Heart Blockage

The precious organ of our body is the heart, which is engaged in its work for 24 hours. But due to our poor lifestyle and wrong eating habits, heart blockage is becoming a common problem. If the blockage starts in the heart tubes, then it clearly means that acidity has increased in the blood.

Acidity is also of two types, one in which stomach acidity and second blood Blocking the heart tubes is a heart attack, so today we are going to tell you Ayurvedic treatment which is quite simple. When the amplitude acid increases in the blood, then you use things that are perennials. Due to eating alkaline things, increased acidity in the blood decreases and you can stay away from heart blockage forever.

Gourd is the most alkaline in all vegetables. Drink a glass of juice daily or eat raw gourd daily and it prevents you from the heart blockage forever.

Bottle Gourd For Blood Pressure

If you drink only one glass of gourd juice regularly, you can reduce the problem of high BP to a large extent. Drinking 200 gm of gourd juice daily reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the problem of high blood pressure.

Bottle Gourd for Cholesterol

If you include gourd in your diet, it also helps to reduce your cholesterol. Yes, eating gourds reduce the problem of high cholesterol and do not increase the risk of heart-related diseases. The problem of high blood pressure can be overcome to a large extent by drinking bottle gourd juice.

Bottle Gourd Juice For Urine Infection

Bottle Gourd benefits provides coolness to the body. Its juice contains a high amount of water which keeps the body cool. Therefore, it is consumed mostly in the summer season. Sweat is very high in the summer season. Due to its consumption, water deficiency is not occurred in the body. If you feel irritation or pain during pee, then drink gourd juice every morning. Because this pain or irritation happens due to the high amount of acid in urine and gourd juice reduces the effect of the acid with its cooling properties.

Bottle Gourd Juice For Stress

Bottle Gourd Juice For Stress

In today’s world, every person, from children to the elderly, is suffering from stress. If you do not take a healthy diet for health, the situation can worsen even worse. Due to the high amount of water in the gourd, the body remains cool, which provides relief from stress. Its diuretic, sedative and anti-bilious properties help in keeping your body feel better and stress free.

In gourd juice, neurotransmitter choline is found in very high quantities. Gourd juice helps the brain cells function properly, which does not cause pressure on the brain and helps in conditions like depression and stress.

Bottle Gourd Help Sleeping Disorder/Bottle Gourd For Insomnia

Lack of sleep is a serious illness due to the lifestyle of nowadays. Who later did not miss the invitation to many diseases like obesity; depression in such a situation, gourd juice can get rid of insomnia problem. By adding sesame oil to gourd juice, it provides relief to the extent of insomnia by drinking it.

Bottle Gourd Juice Benefits For Hair Dandruff Treatment

By mixing sesame oil in gourd juice and applying it well in the hair roots, hair loss and baldness are completely removed. It is considered a very good recipe to protect hair(bottle gourd juice for hair) from being white in Ayurveda. Apart from this, Due to lice, the skin of your head is filled with dead layers. Drink juice mixed with equal quantity of amla and gourd juice, it reduces the lice and also lumps it from the mixture by massaging it on the head.

Bottle Gourd Good for Constipation/Bottle Gourd For Digestion

Constipation and digestive disorders have become a common problem that any person can have. Make a habit of gourd juice every morning. The fiber contained in it fixes our digestive system. It also contains electrolytes, which retains its balance in the body, which does not cause the problem of loose motion.

Bottle Gourd For Glowing Skin

bottle gourd for skin

If you want a glowing skin in and out of the face in less time then you should take regular bottle gourd benefits juice for it. It makes the face clean, beautiful and attractive. The gourd juice cleanses the inside of the stomach. This leads to getting rid of acne and stains from the sun and pollution on the face, and the skin starts appearing beautifully and beautifully. If you want to avoid suntan, apply gourd juice at the place of tanning 3-4 times a day. Natural bleaching elements of bottle gourd light up the tan skin.

Bottle Gourd Juice Side Effects – Is Bottle Gourd Juice Harmful

The gourd juice has many benefits but it also has little side effects. While drinking gourd juice, it is important to keep in minds that don’t mix anything else with it.

After making gourd juice, taste it once. If the juice is bitter, do not consume it because it can cause problems with dysentery and gas. Bitter gourd juice is also dangerous for pregnant women. It can also cause abortion. Breastfeeding women should not eat bitter gourd juice. This is harmful to you and your child.


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