Bay Leaves Benefits and Side Effects- Burning Bay Leaves

Bay leaves benefits belong to the Lauraceae family. The scientific name for bay leaf is Laurus Nobilis. These are essentially used for adding flavour and fragrance to a few dishes.

There are different types varying based on the places where it grows. These are- Bay Laurel, California bay leaf, Indian bay leaf or malabathrum, Indonesian bay leaf or Indonesian laurel, West Indian bay leaf, the leaf of the West Indian bay tree, Mexican bay leaf. These are almost similar and varies very slightly in smell and taste.

Bay Leaves Benefits Good for Stomach

Bay leaf health benefits

When tasted raw, Bay leaf might not be a favorite of people for the reason that it has a very strong smell and is bitter to taste. However, when added to dishes it gives a different flavour altogether. Bay leaves benefits, however, cannot be chewed and consumed in the dishes. It can only be licked and then thrown away before eating the food. Interestingly that’s not all about bay leaves.

Bay leaves benefits also have various uses and health benefits. Bay leaves benefits can keep many diseases at bay. It has been used as a medicine for more than thousands of years in many cultures. In this article, we will give you some information about how to use bay leaves, the health benefits and side effects of bay leaves.

Bay Leaves Good for Stomach

Bay leaf benefits for the stomach which helps in digestion. Add bay leaf to the cooked foods. It has been used as a treatment to treat flatulence which is the expulsion of the excess of gas formed in the stomach through the anus. Bay leaf is also known to treat heartburn.

Bay leaf benefit for stomah

Bay leaf for stomach

Heartburn is caused due to the extreme gastritis (accumulation of gas in the stomach) and since gastric is kept at bay by bay leaf it is helpful for preventing and treating heartburn. Bay leaf is also good for getting rid of an upset stomach (bay leaf tea for upset stomach) and regularize bowel movements.

Natural cure stomach infection with bay leaves. Many people asked about acute ulcer disease natural cure stomach infection that was appropriate and rapid treatment of this disease, if you are already infected by the disease can not be cured completely because Bay leaf has been wound in the stomach that can not immediately be cured.

Bay Leaf Benefits for Teeth

Take some dried bay leaves and crush them up. Mix it with an equal amount of dried orange peel that has also been crushed. You can use water in order to make a paste or you can leave it in the powdery form. Rub the paste or powder on your teeth and use it as a whitener.

Bay leaf for teeth

Healthy teeth by using Bay Leaf

Teeth is something that is not only a basic body part but it is also something that contributes to the beauty and charm of a person. Imagine a smile with a yellow set of teeth and imagine a smile with sparkling white teeth. Which according to you is attractive?

Definitely the white ones. Bay leaves benefits can help you get this. Brush your teeth with bay leaf powder. This will not only give you sparkling teeth but will also give you healthy teeth by preventing cavities and strengthening your gum.

Bay Leaf Benefits Heart

Bay leaves help to improve the heart health and its activities. Cholesterol, when accumulated in the blood in large amount, can disrupt in the blood circulation to and from the heart as it causes blockage of arteries.

bay leaves heart benefit

Bay leaves heart benefit

Since bay leaf doesn’t have cholesterol it decreases the risks of heart attack by 90 percent.

It also facilitates proper blood circulation from the body to the heart and vice versa.

Bay Leaf for Cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease. It causes an abnormal growth of the cells in a particular region of the body.

If detected at an early stage it can be controlled but if it’s too late it can cause death.

Bay Leaves for cancer

Bay Leaves for cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease. It causes an abnormal growth of the cells in a particular region of the body.

If detected at an early stage it can be controlled but if it’s too late it can cause death.

Bay leaf contains caffeic acid, quercetin, eugenol, and catechins and is an anti-oxidant all of which works as a resistance against cancer as it has chemo properties.

Consumption of bay leaf tea or adding bay leaves in food can help to prevent cancer.

Bay Leaf for Weight Loss

Bay leaf and cinnamon when mixed together can help you lose weight. Losing weight is a target for many over-weight or obese people.

In the process, they end up maintaining a wrong diet which worsens the possibilities of weight loss.

Bay leaf Weight loss

Bay leaf Weight loss

It is good to be conscious however it is also important to follow the right routine in your diet.

Boil the water and add 1 stick of cinnamon and 5 bay leaves in the water and boil it for 20 minutes.

Switch off the gas and keep it for another 5 minutes. Strain the water and add 1 tsp of honey.

Consume it in the morning before your tea or half an hour before or after your meal.

It is better to not consume it more than thrice a day.

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Bay Leaf Benefits for Hair

Bay leaf is very beneficial for hair growth(bay leaf for hair growth). Hair being one of the element of beauty is very important for every individual.

Bay Leaf Benefits for Hair

In fact, hair is the only thing that you can experiment with, such as a cut in different style, straighten it or curl it etc. However, these experiments are possible only when you have a good and healthy hair.

Take a handful of bay leaves and boil it in water.

After washing your hair with any mild shampoo, give a last rinse with this water once it is cooled.

This will help you to get rid of dandruff or any other fungal infection on the scalp, in turn reducing hair fall.

This is one of the best benefits of bay leaves water. It will also make your roots stronger and prevent hair fall.

Bay Leaf for Sleep

When is it that you are unable to sleep?

When you are stressed, depressed or disturbed you are unable to sleep. Which means if you can help yourself stay away from stress, depression, and disturbance you will be able to have a peaceful sleep.

Bay leave are very efficient in keeping stress away.

Bay Leaf for Sleep

Bay Leaves for sleep

Having bay leaf powder before going to bed can help to induce sleep. This happens because bay leaf suppresses the stress hormones and does not allow it to affect your sleep.

It also helps to keep the mind calm and peaceful. Hence if you are willing to sleep for a long, start this home remedy immediately.

Bay Leaf for Skin

How often do you take care of your skin?

Being the outermost visible layer it is very important to take care of your skin. Bay leaf is very good for your skin.

It contains antirheumatic properties, antiseptic, bactericide, diuretic, sedative and anti-oxidant.

Bay Leaf for Skin

Bay Leaf for Skin

This helps in skin lightening, removing acne, pimples and hence give a healthy skin.

Take 6-7 bay leaves and dry it in the sunlight.

Break the dried bay leaves into pieces and boil it in a liter of water for 10 minutes.

Strain the water and use it to splash on the face several times a day. Repeat daily and regularly for smooth, fair, clean and clear skin.

Bay Leaf for Migraine

A migraine is a frequent headache caused due to various reasons like low energy, low blood sugar, drug effect, allergy, infection etc.

Bay Leaf for Migraine

Bay Leaf for Migraine

People suffering with migraine have various symptoms like depression, irritability, pounding pain, nausea, numbness, weakness in arms and legs, pain in any side of the face and a few more which varies from one individual to another.

Bay leaves contain Vitamin A which helps to cure and give relief from migraine headache.

Consume bay leaf tea whenever you have a headache. This will surely give you relief from mild to intense headache.

You can also massage your head with bay leaf oil.

Bay Leaf Tea Health Benefits

Bay leaf contains anti-bacterial properties.These anti-bacterial properties protect the respiratory system and keep cough and cold at bay. Bay leaves being a good source of vitamin C helps to cure and prevent cough.

Bay leaf tea has all the contents of bay leaf which when consumed hot can not only clear the throat but also help to expel the mucus out. This slowly gives a relief from cold and cough.

Bay Leaf Tea for CoughBay Leaf Tea

Bay Leaf Tea for Cough

The unpleasant cough is very common at this time of year, but there is a cure for it that is hidden in your kitchen. Learn about this delicious.

Bay leaf tea Benefits

Bay leaf tea for cough


To make bay leaf tea you can boil 5-6 bay leaves in water for 8 to 10 minutes and strain the water. Consume it with honey.

Bay Leaf Tea for Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar level is much higher than the required amount. Insulin is a compound that regulates blood sugar in the body.

Bay leaves benefits have been directly connected with improved insulin receptor function and regulated blood sugar level.

Bay Leaf Tea for Diabetes

Bay Leaf Tea for Diabetes

People who are at risk of having diabetes and people who are suffering from diabetes already must consume bay leaf tea regularly.

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, this bay leaves (tej patta) remedy will help you manage your blood sugar level. … The hypoglycemic effect of bay leaves is attributed to the presence of essential oil and phytochemicals, which improve glucose and insulin metabolism.

Raw bay leaves (tej patta) can also be powdered and consumed for 30 consecutive days to keep diabetes under control.

Bay Leaves tea Reduces Heart Diseases

Bay leaves benefits have zero cholesterol and hence it helps to maintain a healthy heart.

Consuming bay leaf tea can help to activate the heart activities and give you a perfect heart.

Bay Leaves Reduces Heart Diseases

Bay Leaves for Heart Diseases

A heart attack is a cause for various other diseases such as high blood pressure, overweight etc.

Since bay leaves help in both, it indirectly improves the heart’s condition and helps you to be healthy.

Bay Leaf Tea for Bunions

Bunion is a pain and redness of the skin and the bone just below the big toe.

It pushes outwards and makes it red and extremely painful making it difficult to walk.

Bay Leaf Tea for Bunions

Bay Leaf Tea for Bunions

Women are more prone to this due to high heels and tight shoes. It can be a cause due to a shift of the big toe towards the other toes.

The first symptoms appear in early adulthood. Bay leaf tea is very helpful to cure bunions.

Drinking bay leaf tea 3 days in every week can help you to heal bunion giving a lot of relief. Drink this in the morning to get the best benefits. Bay leaf tea side effects- There are many bay leaves benefits which are called by the same name.

However, only Laurus Nobilis can give these benefits. Other bay leaves may have toxic effects and hence can be harmful to the body.

They can cause respiratory problems and damage to nerves. Hence be very careful before consuming it.

How to make Bay Leaf Oil?

Bay leaf oil is prepared by steam distillation. This oil has a sweet test and gives a beautiful fragrance.

To make it at home you can also boil bay leaves in olive oil.

How to make Bay Leaf Oil?

Bay Leaf Oil

How to use Bay Leaf Oil?

Bay leaf oil can be used for applying and massaging as well as for cooking.

This oil not only gives relief from migraine but also give various other benefits such as bloating, maintain stomach functions, for hair growth, for digestion. It is anti-bacterial and hence prevents skin acne.

Pregnant women should avoid the consumption of this oil, however, they can do it with the consultancy of the doctor.

Burning Bay Leaves

Did you know there are various benefits of burning bay leaves?

Burning bay leaves can help to enhance the atmosphere and maintain a positive environment around.

benefits of burning bay leaves

benefits of burning bay leaves

It helps to clear the nasal passage and gives relief from cold. It also gives a relaxing effect on the mind and removes your fatigue.

This gas also helps to clear the environment from insects. Bay leaves benefits can help you get rid of cockroaches too.

Just by placing this leaf on different corners of your house will help you get rid of cockroaches(bay leaves cockroches) from your house.

Side Effects of Bay Leaves

Bay Leaf Slows Down CNS

Bay leaves slows down the central nervous system.The central nervous system refers to the spinal cord and brain.

The central nervous system refers to the spinal cord and brain. These are called “Central” because it plays the key role in our nervous system.

Bay Leaf Slows Down CNS

Bay leaf slows down CNS

Without the brain, even if all the nerves are functional, without the brain and the spinal cord it is impossible to perform even a single task.

Hence make sure that you do not take too much of bay leaves as it can be extremely harmful.

2- Bay Leaf for Surgery

Surgery requires a lot of usage of anesthesia and bay leaves can affect the function of anesthesia.

Anesthesia is used in order to numb the senses so that the pain of the surgery isn’t felt.

Bay Leaf for Surgery

Bay Leaf for Surgery

Sometimes the bay leaves interfere with this and don’t allow the CNS react to the anesthesia.

Hence it is better to stop the consumption of bay leaves before 2 weeks of any surgery.

3- Bay Leaf for Pregnancy

There is no clear evidence of how bay leaves can affect pregnancy.

However, as we know too much of anything is poison and it is better to avoid the intake of a large number of bay leaves.

Bay Leaf for Pregnancy

Bay Leaf for Pregnancy

Bay leaves in the cooked food isn’t of any harm.

If there is any need to include as a medication for treatment of anything else, try to take consultation with the doctor and only then proceed with it.

4- Bay Leaf for Hypoglycemia

Every nutrient or mineral in our body should be in the appropriate quantity.

An excess or deficiency of it can be harmful to the health. Sugar is important for the body too.

When the blood sugar level is lower than the required amount it is called hypoglycemia.

Bay Leaf for Hypoglycemia

Bay Leaf for Hypoglycemia

Just as diabetes, hypoglycemia is also harmful to the body.

Too much of bay leaves can lead to a reduction of the blood sugar level.

Hence it is advisable to not take an overdose of bay leaves.

Bay leaves are easily available and can be used for its benefits. To avoid the chemical effects of medicines, try to make it a part of your diet and be fit.

Avoid excessive intake of it and stay away from its side effects.

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